Why You Should Use a Key to the World Travel® Agent!

by Mar 27, 2018

Key to the World Travel® Planner Deanna Burdsall came up with a simple, genius idea, and many of the travel planners at Key to the World Travel® followed suit and recently posted a question on our personal Facebook pages.  The question asked all of our friends who went on vacation during the last year and booked it themselves why they did not use a travel agent. Being that I previously worked at a nuclear power plant and was responsible for performance improvement data, I asked my fellow agents to forward me the data that they collected in hopes of being able to do a root cause of sorts.  I thoroughly believe that there are many misconceptions that exist about the use of travel agents and I wanted to determine where exactly that breakdown is located.

This blog post is about the top 5 misconceptions that exist regarding the use of travel agents. Read on for reasons why you should use a Key to the World Travel® agent for all of your travels!




5. Clients Cannot Control the Details of their Vacation when Using a Travel Agent – FALSE


Some people believe that they have absolutely no control over their vacation plans when using a Key to the World Travel® Planner! For those that are Type-A and must be in control of everything (such as myself), this is a huge turn-off.  This, however, is a myth! The amount of control that I have over my clients’ vacation details is dependent strictly on the desires of my clients.  I have clients who book their hotel through me and then take over the rest of their vacation details. I also have clients who prefer me to take care of everything – recommending and making advanced dining reservations, recommending and making FastPass+ reservations, developing a personalized touring plan along with being responsible for many other details regarding their vacation.  This is the way that every Key to the World Travel® planner handles their clients – we are not a one-size-fits all type of travel agency!  We personalize the details of your vacation to fit your specific needs, and we keep in constant contact with our clients to ensure that they are onboard with the details of their vacations.


4. There is a Lack of Discounts/ Deals Available when Using a Travel Agent – FALSE


Believe it or not, there are discounts and deals available when using a Key to the World Travel® Planner.  We have access to the same deals that our clients do on the consumer websites, however we also have access to sites that are only available to travel agents. Because we can quickly check the price against many suppliers, we can ensure we are finding the best price possible for you! Another thing to note is that sometimes there are specials that are only available if you book through an agency.  For example, during October 2017, the Disney Cruise Line had a promotion that was only available to those who booked through a CLIA-registered travel agency; this promotion was not available to the general public!  Another comment that was mentioned was that it was a better deal to book components separately rather than together. This is one thing that Key to the World Travel® agents look at to determine the best price for our clients!


3. Clients Cannot Take Part in the Planning Process – FALSE


There is nothing stopping clients from taking part in the planning process if they use a Key to the World Travel® Planner to book!  As a travel agent, I become a personal concierge for my clients needs, however I love it when clients are also knowledgeable on the location that they will be visiting!  This ties into the myth that clients cannot control the details of their vacation…


2. There is an Additional Cost for the Use of a Travel Agent – FALSE


Did you know that in 99.9% of the cases when you book your own travel you are already paying for the use of a travel agent?  No, well, neither did I until I started this job! The majority of suppliers include a hidden fee in their costs for the use of a travel agent whether one is used or not.  If a travel agent is used, that cost goes to the travel agent. In the event that a travel agent is not used, the supplier just pockets the extra money. There is no cost difference for the use of an agent AND if you do not use a travel agent you are technically not getting services for which you paid!  Personally, I prefer to get what I pay for. How about you?


1. There is no Benefit to Using a Travel Agent – FALSE


This is the biggest myth of all!  Key to the World Travel® Planners are a huge benefit to our clients. We act as a personal concierge for their vacation planning needs, keeping them organized so that they can spend more time enjoying their vacation instead of worrying about the details of their vacations! Prior to departure, we give our clients travel documents, which are literally binders or folders filled with all the details pertaining to their vacation.

Key to the World Travel® Planners are also advocates for their clients. I think the biggest benefit in terms of using a travel agent is that we are the point of contact for our clients and therefore responsible for ensuring that things are running smoothly.  I have had clients contact me about issues with their MemoryMaker and have had that fixed while they went about enjoying their vacation.  I have also had clients that have had flights canceled while they were on a tropical vacation; I took care of getting their flights rebooked while they were able to sit back, relax and enjoy the (non-snowy) weather!  In the event that a travel agent is not used, any issue that needs to be resolved becomes the responsibility of the person traveling. This could possibly hinder the vacation that so much time and money was spent on! Personally, I’d prefer to be sitting on the beach with an adult beverage in hand instead of sitting on the beach on the phone trying to figure out how I was going to be getting back home! Wouldn’t you?




All Key to the World Travel® Planners are experts and offer the highest level of exemplary customer service. Contact your travel planner to book your vacation, or click here to request a quote today!



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