Deanna Burdsall


Hi, I'm Deanna and I'm addicted to Disney! I love the movies, the music, the antenna toppers and especially the theme parks! My family has been to the Walt Disney World Resort 25+ times. I remember my first trip with my family as a child, with my husband and both my daughters. Since 2004, we have enjoyed taking family and friends to share in the excitement! Each trip is new and different. We've gone with groups as small as five and as large as twenty. We've stayed at many of the resorts, eaten at many, many restaurants and even taken several tours backstage. I learned my first Spanish phrase, "Por favor, mantegase alejado de las puertas!" riding the monorail! We have also had the privilege of going on a Disney Cruise and visiting the Disneyland resort in the past year! I am fully immersed in Disney culture which makes me great fit to help you plan a memorable vacation to a Disney destination.