Top 5 Reasons To Book an Adventures by Disney® Guided Vacation

by Sep 4, 2018

The #1 question I’m asked when talking about vacations with Adventures by Disney® is: “What in the world is it?  Do I have to meet with Mickey in London?”. I hope to give you a full perspective of what this amazing experience with Adventures by Disney® would be like for you!



Adventures by Disney® is a product of the Walt Disney Travel Company® just like Walt Disney World® and Disneyland®.   They provide group-guided family vacations to various domestic and international locations. I was lucky enough to recently embark on an Adventure to London and Paris.  There is an endless list of reasons why you should consider this type of vacation for your family. I’ve narrowed them down to my top 5.


# 1 Reason to Book an Adventures by Disney® Vacation: VIP Service


When you think of Disney you don’t just think of great theme parks.  You think of excellent customer service-some would argue the best in the world.  This holds true during your Adventure from the moment you land in your starting city until the day you depart.  After a long flight from Detroit to London, I was greeted by a lovely lady with an Adventures by Disney® sign. She led us straight to our driver, who handled all of our luggage and then whisked us away directly to our five-star hotel (Mercedes, anyone?).  No additional waiting or checking in. No long lines for Uber, taxis, or shuttles.




Another example of VIP service was when we were visiting the Palace in Versailles, France.  Hundreds of people were waiting in line to see this beautiful landmark. Our Adventure group was not among them. See this line?  We walked right by it thanks to Adventures by Disney®!



My favorite example of this was the VIP FastPass we received when we visited Disneyland Paris.  No waiting in lines to get the paper FastPass and no need to reserve them in advance. That’s a huge time saver!




# 2 Reason to Book an Adventures by Disney® Vacation: Personal Concierges


Our Adventure was lead by two amazing guides-one from the U.S. and one from England.  Our guides went as far as giving us their cell numbers to text them day or night with anything we needed.  They provided bottled water each time we got on the bus, snacks when we needed them and were our personal photographers throughout the entire trip.  They literally take care of every single detail so you don’t have to. Once we arrived at our destination we met an additional guide who was an expert in the areas we were visiting and spoke the local language.



Our guides were also fantastic with the kiddos, letting them lead the group and even setting up scavenger hunts and extra activities so the adults could be on their own for a while. Their job is to make sure you have a fantastic vacation, and they truly enjoy doing it.


# 3 Reason to Book an Adventures by Disney® Vacation: Tinkerbell Visits


Whenever my family travels to the Walt Disney World Resort®, Tinkerbell drops a little gift under my kids’ pillows at night.  They love waking up to see what they’ve received and it helps keep the meltdowns to a minimum because Tinkerbell is NOT a fan of meltdowns.  Our guides provided the same idea to everyone in our group. I won’t go into more detail because I don’t want to ruin the element of surprise, but let’s just say I came home with a lot of nifty things I wasn’t planning on having.  These acts added such a magical and fun element to the Adventure, especially for the kids in our group.




# 4 Reason to Book an Adventures by Disney® Vacation: See It All


Our Adventure took us to London where we visited Buckingham Palace, toured the Tower of London, learned archery in the countryside, pretended to be James Bond in a speedboat ride on the River Thames and made scones in Windsor before taking the Eurostar to Paris.  In Paris, we visited Mona Lisa in the Louvre, shopped in Le Marais, tasted wine in Montmartre, went bike riding in the gardens of Versailles after touring the Palace and also stood in awe of Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower. We saw it all and then some with great ease.  Breaking these activities down and planning each one separately would take a load of time, brainpower and additional cost. Our guides had all our details and tickets ready. We didn’t even have to worry about our luggage. It all magically appeared at our second five-star hotel in Paris.   



The itineraries with Adventures by Disney® are planned out perfectly each day and also include downtime to grab a lunch on your own or to do additional shopping.  You can view the many different itinerary choices HERE.


# 5 Reason to Book an Adventures by Disney® Vacation: Unique Experiences


Not only were we able to see it all, we were privy to some amazing unique experiences on our Adventure.  We didn’t just take archery lessons in the countryside of Windsor, we took them from a professional archer who had an inspiring life story.  Not only did we take a boat ride on the River Thames, we did it in a speedboat at 80 MPH. We didn’t just enjoy scones in the town of Windsor, we learned how to make them from a charming mother/daughter team that owns a bakery in town (and who have also met Princes William and Harry!).  



With Adventures by Disney®, you won’t just try some cheese in a market in Paris, you’ll go to one of the most famous cheese makers and sample the perfect wine along with the cheese.  I could keep going but you get the idea. With Disney you’re not just visiting a place, you’re experiencing something truly unique and memorable in each location.



Adventures by Disney® updates and adds new itineraries each year.  They are family friendly and there are adult exclusive options as well.  From the national parks of Wyoming to the tropical rainforests of Australia, to the newest itinerary in Japan, there is an Adventure waiting for you and your family.  Check out all the options HERE.

Key to the World Travel® has been enjoying many of these Adventures.  This year alone our agents have gone to New York City, San Francisco, Germany, Italy, Edinburgh, Wyoming, and Arizona and Utah.  Make sure to follow our experiences on Facebook HERE.

Where in the world would you like to go?  We can help you get there!




All Key to the World Travel® planners are experts and offer the highest level of exemplary customer service. Contact your travel planner to book your vacation, or click here to request a quote today!







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