Recently, my family went on a multi-generational trip with Adventures by Disney® on the Italy: Rome, Florence, Tuscany, Venice itinerary. The personal experience taught me several things about what an Adventures by Disney® is and who should go!  Many people hear “Disney” and think it is all characters and rides, but an Adventures by Disney® trip is not that at all.  With an Adventures by Disney® trip, you are immersed in the local culture, have once-in-a-lifetime experiences with your family, and receive the highest level of service imaginable.  These adventures are offered all over the world, and each unique itinerary offers something for everyone to learn and enjoy.

What we did

Viva Italia!  The Italy: Rome, Florence, Tuscany, Venice Itinerary is a 7-night trip through Italy, we spent a day and a half taking in the sites of Rome including a tour of the Colosseum, the Vatican Museum & Sistine Chapel, and a walking tour of the city.  We were able to try the local cuisine including a pizza tasting and gelato! We spent a day in the rural town of Orvieto, a lovely village between Rome and Florence, where we visited the shops and watched a vintage Fiat car expo in the town square (which was an unplanned treat).

Another day was spent at a Tuscan farm where we learned to make pasta and had a beautiful lunch made from the organic produce grown on the farm. We also had an entertaining dinner at a Medieval Castle that was once the home of Leonardo di Vinci!

The heart of Tuscany is Florence, where we spent a day at the Accademia (the home of the David) and doing a walking tour of the city.

Next we headed to Venice where we  rode on a bullet train and a Gondola, followed by a tour of Piazza San Marco and Basilica. Our final day included a tour of the Doges Palace and making Carnivale masks.  Our time ended with a Pirate Ship cruise around the islands of Venice.

What it included

  • Each Adventure is led by two Adventure Guides, one local and another guide.  Our guides were Alexa, a Roman native, and Korey, a history professor at the University of Utah. Destinations also had a “story-teller” who led us through the local history of each site and city.
  • Each destination had world-class hotel stays and concierge level service.
  • Most meals were included and introduced Adventurers to the local cuisine and customs.
  • All transportation from airport to airport was included.  Taxis, buses, trains, and gondolas were not only covered in the cost of the trip, they many times were part of the experience. (Especially the taxi ride in Rome!)
  • Adult and child specific activities (ours included a wine tasting while the kids enjoyed a movie one evening. Another day the kids had a detective game while we toured a palace.)

Who should go on an Adventures by Disney trip

  • Families with school age or older children
  • Couples
  • People who are interested in history, art, cultural exchange, and international cuisine
  • People who can be on their feet and walking a great deal (which is why it is not recommended for small children) This is not a vacation for people who prefer relaxing vacations!
  • People who don’t mind travelling in groups (most groups are limited to 40 or less)


We had a great time and hope to do another soon. It’s obvious why this is the highest rated Disney vacation offering!

Deanna Burdsall

Deanna Burdsall

Senior Travel Planner

Deanna is a senior travel planner with Key to the World Travel. Contact her today using the links below to plan your next vacation!

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