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by Jan 23, 2018


So many us visit Walt Disney World® each year or even multiple times a year. We look forward to bringing our children and giving the magical memories that will last a lifetime. However, many of those memories have a “magical” price tag as well. With all the excitement and fun found in Disney gift shops, it is definitely easy to get carried away with souvenirs for your kids. I seem to battle with the idea of buying just another toy for my kids or really trying to give them something they will remember. One of the best “souvenir” shops I can choose for my girls is Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is a salon for children ages 3-12—where all of the Fairy Godmothers-in-Training are experienced and well equipped to give your little one a magical makeover to remember. Here are my top reasons why you should give Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique a try.




There are two locations from which to choose. One is located in Magic Kingdom® inside of Cinderella’ Castle in Fantasyland. The second location is at Disney Springs in the Once upon a Time Toy Store. Please note that for the Magic Kingdom® location a valid Theme Park ticket is required. This is not the case for Disney Springs™.

Also, all makeovers are scheduled by appointment only, so you must make a reservation far in advance. Disney recommends reserving your spot at least 180 days in advance. A credit card hold is required to reserve this experience, and full payment is required at the time of check-in. For no-shows, a $10 charge will be placed on your card.



There really is something for just about everyone at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. There are princess packages and even a Knight Package for your little prince. And, of course, the adults get to sit back and watch their children’s excitement.

Please remember to bring a comb or hairbrush for your child. Also, fingernails must be clean and unpolished, and your children should have no scalp issues for 30 days prior to the appointment.



Picking your package is the first step to getting your little one’s makeover. Disney does great at letting everyone set their own budget. Here are some options: 




Second, you will choose your costume at the boutique on the day of your appointment or you can purchase one at any of the parks to bring with you. These are great quality outfits that will hold up to lots of wear and tear. Best of all you get to take it home. It’s a gift that keeps on giving, at least until they outgrow it. Since shoes are not provided in the packages, you can buy your own, if you’d like, or just wear normal tennis shoes, as my girls do. I want my kids to be comfortable, rather than fashionable. Please note, dress sizes and styles are subject to availability.

If you have a smaller budget, you can always bring a costume from home. There are also many different department stores that sell similar costumes to the ones at Disney Parks. For all of the crafty moms out there, you can even make one of your own, and there are some great ideas online.




Third, a Cast Member will escort your little one to her official Fairy Godmother in training. These Cast Members are perfectly trained to give your prince or princess a magical makeover and transform them into their favorite Disney characters. They will definitely treat your little one like royalty. These makeovers usually last anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour. Your princess gets to choose a beautiful hairstyle of their choice, freshly painted nails, and glamorous makeup. They also have a few color options to choose from.







Another great reason to choose this fun activity is the special photographs. These are professional photos, and we all know how much a portrait session can be. For an additional fee of only $32.95 plus tax, you can add this fun photo package.

The Imaging Package includes:

* One (1) 6”x 8” photo

* Four (4) 4” x 6” photos in a special photo holder

However, if you opt not to spend the extra on the photo package option, as long as you have purchased the MemoryMaker, you will receive all of your photos that were taken throughout the entire makeover on your MagicBand. When you get home, they will be ready to download.




Children grow up so fast in our generation now; it’s almost sort of expected of them. I love the fact that my children are still enjoying every bit of Disney and are not “too cool,” so to speak, to be a princess, hug Mickey Mouse, and even snap a photo with Winnie the Pooh. I don’t want to miss out on these precious moments in their lives. It melts my heart to see the smile on my girls’ faces as they are being pampered during these salon makeovers. These moments are priceless to me and so worth it.





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