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by Nov 28, 2018

Key to the World Travel® planners work with you to customize the vacation that is perfect for your family, your schedule, and your budget. We are here to provide advice, recommendations, insider tips, as well as concierge-level service for your travel needs.
We asked our planners to give some tips that they utilize for their family vacations that help things go smoothly, and we hope you will find them helpful to you as well!





  • “Pack young kids outfits in individual, gallon-sized Ziploc bag. It helps get them dressed in the morning and find their outfits super easy. We even color code the labels with their names. That way they are sure to know which bag belongs to whom. It’s also nice to put the clothes they wore back in so you don’t have dirty clothes mixed in your suitcase with clean ones!” ~ Melissa Sundbye, Amanda Powell, and Christy Langan
  • “I also use the extra large (2.5 gallon) Ziploc bags to pack an extra outfit and PJs for each traveler in our carry-on luggage. That way if security searches our bags my undies aren’t flying around the scanning belt! Packing cubes have also been a lifesaver. Keeps clothes together, fewer wrinkles, and you can just pop them into drawers at your hotel.” ~ Lisa Andino
  • “We split all of our clothes between two suitcases, so if one gets lost, everyone still has clothes in the other.” ~ Sarah Johnston and Caroline Miceli
  • “I like to pack and roll up a whole outfit for my kids. (You fold and put the bottoms, shirt, underwear and socks on top of each other and roll.) It makes it easier for my husband to dress them (or for them to figure out what to wear) and it takes up less space in the suitcase.” ~ Nicole Newgas
  • “I divide our clothes by the number of days we’re going and then pack in 2 suitcases. For example, if we are gone 6 days then everyone’s days 1-3 go in one suitcase and days 4-6 in the second. If a suitcase it lost then everyone still has something to wear, and we only have one suitcase open to dig through at a time.” ~ Cara Morris
  • “Separate suitcases for separate legs of the trip. We often drive to Dallas, stay one night, then fly to Orlando and it helps to have a small separate bag for the Dallas night so that we never have to open the other suitcase. We also do this for split stays. Toiletries and essentials go into a small carry-on.” ~ Cassie Thomas
  • “Pack each person’s outfit in a Ziploc bag labeled with the day of the week or park. Complete with underwear and hair accessories so the kids just grab the right bag and get ready. Oh and then save the ziplock bags for wet bags or snacks in the park.” ~ Tracy Hunt, Laura Boudreau, Tiffany Harmon, and Jordin Bradshaw
  • “If you’re traveling somewhere you might get rained on (like Orlando in the summer!) bring a 2nd pair of tennis shoes for the parks so you always have dry ones to rotate out. Clothes dryers may not be easily accessible and they’re not really good for your shoes. It takes more space in luggage, but lots of walking with wet feet is the worst!” ~ Jodi Walker
  • “I always pack a package of post-it notes, a highlighter, and a pen. These have many uses from entertaining kids with items they don’t usually get to use (and the post it’s won’t damage the surfaces stuck on), covering auto-flush toilet sensors, marking things on maps/daily itineraries, and just keeping notes on the go.” ~ Becci Longstreth
  • “A travel size can of Lysol….or Poo-Pourri!” ~ Leah Ferguson
  • “I used a hanging shoe organizer to keep bathroom things organized. Hair stuff, toiletries, makeup, It kept stuff on off the counters and was easy to find.” ~ Kelly Gallagher
  • “Bring a surge protector for all those charging devices and an over-the-door organizer for the toiletries in the bathroom.” ~ Nicole Pate
  • “I bought a travel jewelry organizer but all my necklaces still got tangled. Now I wrap each individual necklace in a tissue lengthwise and then place in the organizer. No more tangles!” ~ Jennifer Stewart
  • “Pack a drink carrier like the ones from Chic-fil-a so one person can haul the refillable drinks back to the room!” ~ Deanna Bagby
  • “Pack small snacks in the spaces between things in your suitcase. Things like fruit snacks, gummies, nuts, so they don’t get crushed. Takes less space than the snack box.” ~ Rose Richardson
  • “Bring a small Ziploc with some antibacterial wipes and wipe down the plane tray, and other surfaces. Use on hotel remote as well as other surfaces in the room.” ~ Trish Weekly
  • “Only pack one pair of shoes per child – I recommend Crocs since they dry quickly and can be worn in the parks and to the pool. Shoes take up A LOT of room! Definitely a space saver, usually those shoes are on their feet, that way they are not in the suitcases” ~ Ashley Lyons






  • “Bring a pop up hamper and/or a laundry bag to collect dirty clothes. Then, when it is time to go home, you can put the laundry bag full of dirty clothes in a suitcase. Keeps everything organized, separate, and makes it easy to unpack when you get home.” ~ Theresa Perry, Shana Hammond, and Meggan Cronin
  • “I always bring Travel size detergent and softener. I never come home with dirty clothes. We usually wash late at night or early morning before we hit the parks. I get to come home and just unpack instead of washing a week’s worth of laundry.” ~ DeAnn Samuel
  • “A few dryer sheets in a baggie equals a quick room freshener or add to stinky laundry pile or wipe over clothes to get rid of static or if you decide to do laundry while on vacation you already have it.” ~ Nancy Seale
  • “Bring clothespins or binder clips to hang dry bathing suits instead from the pull our cord in hotel rooms. You save room and can dry more items. You can also use the pins or clips to keep the curtains closed in the room.” ~ Katrina Rochetto






  • “Our last trip we gave each kid money and we had them learn to budget. We’ve never done this approach before and it always led to meltdowns. Not this year. Each child had their set amount of money and we explained you can get whatever you want but once the money is gone it’s gone. My younger daughter decided to buy things right away at the resort and World of Disney the first night. My oldest found the interchangeable ears at WOD the first night but decided to wait until the 4th day of our trip to buy them in case she found something she liked better. Not so much a travel tip but it made it a lot easier for us, and it taught them to value their money.” ~ Katie Buck
  • “Buy glow sticks/necklaces at the Dollar Store to wear at night so you don’t have to buy on Main Street U.S.A.® I also pack a small suitcase of food…breakfast items, granola bars, snacks…we eat them while there and then use the empty suitcase for souvenirs.” ~ Jill Piacitelli
  • “I take a personal mini size fan mister for all of us when we travel to Disney in summer months (wouldn’t survive without it!) and save the $20 each on the heavy fans they sell in the park.” ~ Susan Schneid
  • “Hydro Flask Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottles are the best reusable bottles we have found. We use them every day and every trip we take.” ~ Ryan Slusher
  • “We pack snacks for the boys in fishing lure containers. (Obviously new containers)” ~ Kali Nichols






  • “WikkiStix – I don’t know what it is about these things that keep kids and adults entertained! Perfect for the plane, or sitting at a restaurant. Want some glasses; here let me make you some! Bouquet of flowers? no problem! It’s the best toy for not a lot of money.” ~ Amanda Summa
  •  “Legos in a plastic fishing box. I was impressed by how long our son built Legos out of the pieces that fit in here. He sometimes changes out the pieces for trips or we can an extra bag to swap out. Magnetic Tic-Tac-Toe is also a great travel game!” ~ Meg Dunton
  • “If you are driving, mini cookie sheets work great with magnets to play with in the car.” ~ Sara Parr
  • “Every family trip we had Mad Libs and they never failed to make me laugh till I cried. I’d highly recommend the book version (a sneaky way to practice writing along with reading). There are so many versions, you can theme them for your trip!” ~ Tabetha Wells
  • “If your flying with Southwest with toddlers who don’t like flying try and get the first row on the plane. You have extra leg room. My son was able to sit on the floor and play Cars the whole trip down and back home. It was great!” ~ Jake LeGrand
  • I love the Usborne book 100 Things For Little Children To Do On A Trip for my kids! I have one pack and I’ve split them up into three sets. I hole punch the top corn and put them on a ring. They can use both sides, they don’t go everywhere, they are reusable and they can switch out sets so there is always something new!” ~ Ashley Roberts
  • “I keep a travel bag for each kid with toys that they only get when we travel. I restock with a few new things and snacks each trip.” ~ Amanda English






  • “Remember that when going anywhere with your family it’s a family vacation! It’s super okay to split up and do different things as well as plan things that the adults are interested in doing. It’s all about balance!” ~ Allegra Lingo
  • “Something we like to do is ask each family member what’s the main thing you want to see/do on this trip and make sure we do that.” ~ Amy Jenkins
  • “Plan ahead, but be willing to throw your plan out and just experience whatever your adventure throws at you. It’s easy to miss a lot of wonderful experiences if you stick too slavishly to what’s on the paper.” ~ Dan Leonard



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