Michelle Adams


Etched into my heart is a photograph of my two girls, then five and seven, holding hands and skipping down Main Street. Now, years later, when I look at this picture, I can still smell the sugary aromas from the confectionary. I can hear the music that seems to play from nowhere, changing tune as I walk through the lands of Magic Kingdom. I can see those sweet little girls smiling and hear their laughter. At that very moment, I knew that we would be back, and we have—more than twenty times. Memory after memory has been created---Celebrating anniversaries, watching my girls introduce their adopted brother to their “happy place”, celebrating a sweet 16th birthday, watching our younger daughter receive her dream proposal (from her dream guy) in front of the castle, visiting and seeing our older daughter make magic as she participated in Disney’s College Program. Disney is at the center of some of my family’s happiest memories.

I still feel the Disney magic every time I walk down Main Street, but I know the magic doesn’t come from the food I can practically taste or the words to the songs I’ve memorized. That magic comes from the people walking beside me. It comes from the memories we create. Let me help you get started making memories. As a College of Disney Knowledge graduate, I am ready to help you plan your vacation with the same care and attention to detail that I do for my own trips, including dining reservations and suggested itineraries. Whether you are looking to enjoy the theme parks at either the Walt Disney World or Disneyland Resorts, or if are ready for voyage on a Disney Cruise Line, my goal is to help you find that Disney magic in your heart and have the most stress-free and magical vacation!