Katie Gonzalez-Dunfey


Hi there! My name is Katie Dunfey and I am ready to enthusiastically share my love of Disney with you! I have been visiting Disney parks since childhood and I love becoming immersed in the magic of a Disney vacation. My awe of Disney parks began when I visited Walt Disney World with my dad as a child. I can remember sitting on the beach at the Polynesian resort after attending the Spirit of Aloha luau for my birthday and suddenly, to our surprise, the Electric Water Parade began. That is what I love about Disney – there is something magical hiding in every corner. My husband and I visited Disneyland for our honeymoon and the magic continued. Now that I have three children of my own I feel so fortunate to be able to bring them to Walt Disney World every year and see their faces light up for the entire vacation. When you’re at a Disney destination, it’s like the outside world and any worries are left behind. Now, please give me the opportunity to help you plan a Disney vacation that will make lifelong memories for your family! I have the expertise, but more importantly the passion, to make your trip to a Disney destination the very best for you and your family! “Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever.” Walt Disney