Jeff Williams


I guess you could say it happened on Main Street. Main Street USA at Walt Disney World®Resort to be exact. You see, I had grown up loving Disney movies and cartoons like most every other kid. My family lived overseas in the Marshall Islands and first run movies were not made available to us out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. But, what was available, in the local movie house, was a steady stream of older Disney movies. These movies were a huge part of my childhood and so were visits to Disneyland® Resort in California. California was often the first stop on our long journey from our South Pacific home and our grandparents’ homes in Alabama.

After moving back to Alabama permanently at 8 years old, my parents and Grandparents took us to Walt Disney World many times through high school. Those trips were great, but, it wasn’t until I was grown and had a child of my own that I really “GOT IT”. I hadn’t been to Walt Disney World® in years and took our four year old son. When we rounded the corner from the entrance to the Magic Kingdom onto Main Street USA and the sound of music and the amazing smells of sugary treats and popcorn filled the air and I could see Cinderella Castle up ahead, I was 6 years old again! Seeing the wonder and delight on my son and wife’s faces was worth everything that that trip had cost. I knew at that moment that we were going back every year. And, we have.

My friend Heather and I started this company to help other families create moments and memories like these. Let me help you make it happen on Main Street.