Dan Leonard


Adventure. Discovery. Memories. Add in friends and family and a little bit of magic, and you have the foundation of a great vacation, whether at a Disney park, or out in the wide world. My Disney roots run deep. Disney movies, cartoons, and music were the constant background of my childhood, and inspired a lot of my play. I'll never forget the first time I went to Walt Disney World with my family in October 1994. The way you could step off a bus and into a faraway place and time with no signs of the real world made a lasting impression on me, and I've been fascinated by immersive themed environments ever since. My love of the Disney Parks was rekindled once I had children of my own and started taking them to experience "the world". Seeing how they experience pure magic in the parks is inspiring! Growing up in the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts gave me many opportunities to travel the United States to interesting and beautiful places, and shaped my taste for adventurous travel which gives a deeper experience than seeing the postcard sights. The memories are in the special details, and I love to plan trips full of little details and special experiences that others might miss. Let's see what kind of memories I can help you and your family create!