The Top 5 Adult Beverage Offerings at Walt Disney World®

by Apr 10, 2018

Walt Disney World® is currently in an adult beverage Renaissance. Whether you are an adult traveling without kids, or you’re a parent that needs to take the edge off after a long day park hopping with little ones, you can find some truly amazing drinks at Walt Disney World®. There are unique lounges popping up all over the property which offer amazing atmosphere and drinks. But some of the best drinks are even hiding at drink kiosks in the parks!  Here are my top 5 favorite alcoholic drinks in Walt Disney World®.





Top Adult Beverage #5: Smokey Bones at Trilo-Bites in Disney’s Animal Kingdom®


Outside of Dinoland U.S.A.® you will find a food kiosk called Trilo-Bites. This stand has seen a wide variety of snacks and noshes over the years but recently they’ve released a new milkshake. This is the home of the Smokey Bones. At first glance, the Smokey Bones is a just a chocolate milkshake. Then you read the description and look at the picture on the menu board. Is that…? No… is it? Could it be?!  Yes, yes it is. That chocolate milkshake is garnished with bacon. Not just any bacon, CANDIED bacon. Could it get any better? Yes, yes it can, because the genius that crafted this concoction also added bourbon to the shake. The bourbon definitely lets its presence be known in this shake but pairs perfectly with the chocolate and bacon it shares a cup with. The drink is a little heavy for the middle of summer (I mean, it is a milkshake) but it’s so delicious you must give it a try!  If you are drinking this is the scorching heat, consider sharing it like I did. However, if you share you will have to fight over who gets the lion’s share of the candied bacon.




Top Adult Beverage #4: Southern Sangria at Paddlefish in Disney Springs


Downtown Disney’s makeover into Disney Springs™ is absolutely stunning!  As part of this transformation, Fulton’s Crab House is now Paddlefish. Paddlefish has a comfortable yet modern design to it. If you’re looking to grab a drink, head straight up to the roof top deck. This lounge area offers breathtaking views of Disney Springs™. The seating is comfortable and once you get settled in you won’t want to leave.

While you take in the views of Disney Springs™, you have to try the Southern Sangria. The Southern Sangria is made with Medley Bros. bourbon, peach liqueur, Tempranillo, and garnished with seasonal fruit. To start with, the drink is beautiful to look at. I was taken aback with the layers and colors of this drink. The drink is very well balanced. No one flavor overpowers any of the others. I’d recommend this drink even if you’re not typically a bourbon fan as the flavor of the bourbon creates an earthy background flavor to the fruitiness of the drink.




Top Adult Beverage #3: The Nautilus at Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto in Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort


There is a hidden gem on the first floor of the Great Ceremonial House at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. In fact, if you weren’t looking for it, you could walk straight past it because the outside is not very showy. When you open the door though, you are instantly transported to a drink shack on the waters of Polynesia. Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto is a completely immersive experience. If you like Disney history, look around, and you’ll find some props referencing Disney attractions of days’ past. The bartenders are fantastic and if you like “dad-jokes” this is the place for you. If you want to get a little more flair with your drink, be sure to order one of their specialty cocktails. Fair warning, this place can build up a bit of a wait but it’ll well worth it!  

The Nautilus is a drink designed for two. It is made with Barbancourt Pango Rhum, Appleton Estate Reserve Rum, Combier Crème de Pêche de Vigne Liqueur, Tropical Juices, and Falernum. The drink is definitely strong!  But it is not so strong that it’s not enjoyable. The drink is mostly sweet but there is a kick of spiciness that will not be overlooked. What I loved the most about this drink is that it felt original and unique. It’s not a twist on an old favorite which made the whole experience feel a little more special. This drink is served in a souvenir Nautilus that you can choose to take home or not. All of the drinks at Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto are delicious but this one was definitely my favorite.




Top Adult Beverage #2: Grey Goose Grand Marnier Slush found in the France Pavilion in Epcot®


The France Pavilion is a fan-favorite in the World Showcase and for good reason!  The atmosphere, the food, the drinks, what’s not to love! Looking around the pavilion, you’ll most likely see a long line in front of an inconspicuous stand. No, it’s not Mickey Bars or Mickey-shaped pretzels at that stand, it is something so much better. This is the champagne and wine kiosk. Yes, they sell wine and champagne but they also sell a Grey Goose and Grand Marnier Slush. This drink is magical. It’s cold. It’s sweet. It’s the perfect treat on a hot Orlando afternoon. Be forewarned, this drink can be a little dangerous since the alcohol is well hidden by the orange flavor of the slush, but that’s what makes it so good!  You can get this drink in its regular size or you can get a supersized version that includes an extra shot of Grand Marnier poured on top. Whatever size you choose, this is a must drink when in Epcot®!




Top Adult Beverage #1: Hightower Rocks at Nomad Lounge in Disney’s Animal Kingdom®


The Nomad Lounge is a hidden gem in Disney’s Animal Kingdom®. It’s attached to Tiffin’s right near the entrance to Pandora – The World of Avatar. There is both indoor and outdoor seating. If you choose to sit outdoors, like I did, you get spectacular views overlooking the entrance to Pandora. Even in the mid-summer heat, the seating outside is extremely comfortable. It’s a quiet escape from the crowds in Animal Kingdom®. The drinks are inspired by the travels of Imagineers as they traveled around the world for inspiration to create Animal Kingdom®. The menus feature excerpts from their travel journals and personal photographs.

I ordered the Hightower Rocks and I was FLOORED with how delicious this drink was. I couldn’t get enough and I’m not going to lie, I was a little sad when I realized that my glass was empty. The drink is made with Casa Dragones Blanco tequila, watermelon, sweet-and-sour, and lime juice. The drink is light, flavorful, and refreshing. The fresh watermelon used in the drink was a perfect counterpoint to the sweet-and-sour mix making the drink perfectly balanced. My drink came garnished with a huge piece of watermelon which I happily munched on as a snack. Writing this post I’m now dreaming of this drink and counting down the days until the next time I can visit the Nomad Lounge.

What are some of your favorite adult beverage finds at Walt Disney World®?



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