Tips for Taking Your Toddler to Walt Disney World®

by Oct 17, 2018

Anytime you get to go to Walt Disney World® is exciting. When you take a toddler and see it all through their eyes, it becomes magical! There can be a lot to consider. Here are a few tips to keep you on track and seeing the joy in your little one’s eyes:


Do take or rent a stroller.


There is a ton of walking involved with visiting Walt Disney World®. Your toddler may be used to walking/hiking in their normal environment, but Walt Disney World® can be a whole new ball game. There will be added excitement from meeting their favorite characters and experiencing the rides. We find that our family is able to stay a little longer and do a bit more if our kids have time to simply rest in between all the excitement. If your child ends up not using it much, it can still come in handy for holding your park bag, purse, and souvenirs.




Do take extra snacks.


If you have a toddler, you know that snacking tends to happen a lot throughout the day. It can be worth it to invest the extra money into the pre-portioned snacks for your vacation. You can either pack these in your travel bags or have a food delivery service (such as Prime Now or Garden Grocer) deliver these items to your resort on arrival day. Even if you have the Disney Dining Plan (DDP), it is sometimes easier and better for your sanity to provide a snack for your toddler that you already know they will love. If you have questions about grocery delivery services, ask your Key to the World Travel® planner.




Do make plans for naptime.


Being at Walt Disney World® can be exhausting for all family members. Work with your toddler’s regular schedule and plan time for a break. It is often a good idea to plan to go back to the resort for some rest time or pool time if only to cool off and regroup. Some kids need more rest than usual while they are on vacation, and some need less. If your child doesn’t usually nap at home you may be surprised to discover that they do need a break from all the excitement while on vacation. You can always go back to the parks after everyone is refreshed.





Be Flexible!  


You are allowed to change plans and do what works best for your family! You may be surprised about what your child is most excited to experience. On one visit, my kids rode The Barnstormer roller coaster 5 times in a row because there was little to no line. They loved it, so we went with it. On another trip, I thought we would do the usual favorite rides but it turned out that the kids wanted to meet as many characters as possible. This previously had not been a favorite activity, but we made it work because it brought joy to all of us and made for a more enjoyable trip instead of insisting that we ride Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin just because we had a Fastpass+.




Do schedule your FastPass+ reservations.


Work with your Key to the World Travel® planner to find the best fit for your family with attractions. Some rides tend to have long wait times that can be tough for toddlers to wait in. Some attractions have interactive queue lines where your child can play while you wait to ride (for example there is a circus play area at Dumbo). Your Key to the World Travel® planner should be able to guide you and help schedule your day for what will work best.





Do plan to do one late evening.


Toddler schedules usually include a regular bedtime. Each park offers a unique nighttime spectacular including fireworks and light shows. It can be hard to keep kids up late night after night when they are used to early bedtimes. It is a good idea to choose to attend one nighttime spectacular during your trip. If you child surprises you and is able to handle more late nights, then seeing any others is a bonus.





Do remember you are there for the memories!


Your kids will be seeing their favorite characters come to life! Walt Disney World® is so much more than a vacation or a theme park. It is an immersive experience where they will get to interact with characters that they see on their tv. They already know these characters and now they get to make memories with them! Take the time to see Walt Disney World® through their eyes!







All Key to the World Travel® planners are experts and offer the highest level of exemplary customer service. Contact your travel planner to book your vacation, or click here to request a quote today!











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