Things You Can Only Wear at the Walt Disney World Resort®

by Jan 9, 2018

It may sound odd to you, but one of my favorite things to do while planning a Walt Disney World® Resort trip is to pack. I make lists of bathroom items, socks, shoes, bathing suits, documents needed and outfits to wear in preparation for the big day. I plan out each of my family member’s outfits based on the park and movie or characters I want them to portray; we do Star Wars for Disney’s Hollywood Studios®, Finding Nemo at Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park and The Avengers can be found lounging by the pool for the day. As I looked over my family clothing choices and accessories I realized that the only place I could wear some of this stuff is at Walt Disney World®. That got me thinking about other items that can only be found worn at a Disney park with as much enthusiasm and excitement. So, here is a list of items that are A-OK at Walt Disney World® Resort, but may cause you to get a few questionable looks back home.


Mickey Ears & Additional Animal Hats

You can not walk around any of the Disney parks without seeing a sea of mouse ears in all colors and fabrics, Donald Duck or Goofy hats, the occasional Mickey Sorcerer hat, or any array of fun hats and hair accessories offered in the parks. You may wear these hats and ears all day long on your family vacation, but once you are back home they will be retired to your dresser or costume box. You can try and wear them while going to the office on Monday morning, but you will find they just don’t go with any of your work clothes.



Fanny Pack

Oh, the fanny pack. People have tried to hide what you really are by calling you waist pouch, hip pack or bum bag (thanks for that one, England), but let’s just call it what it is: a fanny pack. I have openly used a fanny pack on almost every trip to Walt Disney World® Resort with supreme confidence. Would I be caught dead with one at home? Absolutely, not. But, while Soarin’ Around the World around Epcot®, splashing down mountains or dropping in elevators I don’t fear losing my belongings, and it frees my hands to rise high in the sky while escaping Yetis in Asia. If you are looking for an alternative to the fanny pack, might I suggest a crossbody bag?



Matching Family T-Shirts

I love walking around the parks and reading other family’s shirts. You see everything from bachelorette parties, family reunions, first trips, birthdays or just excitement for being at Walt Disney World®. These matching t-shirts also make it easier to spot others in your party, especially on crowded days in the parks. But, let’s be honest, my family of four won’t be wearing matching “I Can’t Keep Calm I’m Going Grocery Shopping” shirts anytime soon.



Character Inspired Outfits

Wearing character inspired outfits, also known as “Disney Bounding”, is a fun and creative way of showing your Disney spirit or highlighting your love for a beloved character. These outfits consist of wearing everyday clothing in certain colors and styles to reflect a princess, dalmatian or evil villain. Great ideas can be found on Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram if you would like trying this for yourself next time you hit the parks. This is also a great way to wear a costume at Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party instead of wearing a hot and heavy ensemble. However, Disney-fying your outfits everyday can be tiring and expensive, so consider this alternative for special occasions or for when you just need a little Disney magic boost.




If there was a MagicBand for real life I would be first in line to purchase one. Disney’s MagicBands acts as your room key, credit card, park tickets, Disney FastPass+ service selections, and dining credits. Just about everyone walking through the gates of any Walt Disney World® park will have a brightly colored MagicBand attached to their wrists. You can breeze through rides, transactions, and dinner lines with the swipe of your wrist over a glowing green Mickey silhouette. But, sadly, once the vacation ends so does the magic of the MagicBand. Now, you are back to finding your house keys in the bottom of your purse, searching for you credit card, and having to rely on yourself to take pictures.



Each family’s vacation personality is different and it is fun to show off your Disney side with funky hair accessories or creative outfits. While the things I listed above may not be found in your everyday wardrobe choices, they are accepted and encouraged while on vacation where dreams come true. So, for your next Walt Disney World® Resort vacation, dust off those mouse ears, find your finest fanny pack, create the best family vacation shirts, choose your MagicBand colors wisely and have an amazing time!




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