The Family Magic Tour at Walt Disney World®

by Apr 26, 2018

My family and I experienced the Family Magic Tour offered daily at Magic Kingdom® Park. We had a blast!  Both adults and kids alike got to participate in this fun adventure, and we experienced lots of Disney magic along the way. Without giving away too much, here’s an overview of our tour, along with some information on how to reserve this experience for your own family!




Our Family Magic Tour began by checking in at the tour desk in the Town Square Theatre, on Main Street, U.S.A. We received our name tags and joined the two other families that would also be on the tour. Soon we were greeted by our tour guide, Jordan. After some formal introductions where everyone stated their names and favorite Disney character, Jordan let us know what our objective for the day was.

Captain Hook had snuck into the Magic Kingdom® in the night and stole some of our favorite Disney characters beloved items. Before he had time to make-off with his treasures, Mickey foiled his plans. Captain Hook had to hide the items around the park, leaving clues as to where the locations were. Mickey has asked us to help retrieve all of the items and Jordan would see that they would be reunited with their owners. Some of the items included, Olaf’s Carrot Nose, Rapunzel’s Frying Pan, and Fix-It Felix’s Golden Hammer.


Away We Go!


Our first activity was a bean bag toss game, which revealed a riddle on the back each individual square. Everyone in the group got a chance to toss the bean bags (adults too!) until the clue was revealed. Each clue provided us with hints and required us to search our area for the item the clue was referencing. Each item we found had an additional clue on it, providing us with our next location. Some were riddles, and some were activities that needed to be completed in order to reveal the next clue.

One clue let us to the Hub Grass area where we needed to find puzzle pieces hidden in the shrubbery!  Once we found all the pieces, they fit together to form our next clue.



Along the way, we were provided with a game, compliments of the Lost Boys. Everyone got a “Follow the Leader” chip with an action on it. Each person took turns leading our group by acting out their action until we got to our next destination. My husband drew the “Ballerina” chip, and boy did the Dad’s deliver with enthusiasm!



At our next location, we were greeted by a surprise visitor!  I won’t spoil it, but let’s just say he has a lot of experience with foiling the plans of Captain Hook!  He helped us with a matching game that spelled out our next clue. Everyone in the group had the opportunity to take pictures and interact a bit with our guest as well.

After that, we were offered an opportunity to take a quick break, use the restroom, and get a snack. We continued through the park with our clues to guide us until we came upon our last clue. It told us that the last missing object was Mickey’s very own Duffy Bear!  Using the clue to discover its location, Jordan thought it best we deliver Duffy right to Mickey so that he wouldn’t have to worry.


The Happy Ending


After heading back to Town Square Theatre, we were led through a special door that allowed us to meet Mickey with no waiting in line. He was so grateful to us for helping recover the lost items and so glad to be reunited with Duffy Bear. Each family was able to take photos with Mickey, and then we took a big group photo to commemorate our journey. After returning to the theatre lobby, we were able to take photos with the other missing items and say goodbye to Jordan.



I’d highly recommend the Family Magic Tour to anyone who’s looking to have a little fun on your next trip to Magic Kingdom® Park. Both the adults and kids (6 & 8 years old at the time) enjoyed the fun, and for a 2-hour tour of some of the sights of the park, it was a great value! Use your knowledge of the Magic Kingdom® Park to help you with the scavenger hunt, or use the scavenger hunt to get acquainted with the different lands if it’s your first visit!

Currently, the Family Magic Tour runs daily at 10 am from the Town Square Theatre and is approximately 2-hours in duration. It must be reserved in advance (up to 180 days prior to your trip) and is $39 per person + tax (*subject to change). Also note, that this tour does take place rain or shine – so dress appropriately for the weather and wear comfy shoes. Ask your Key to the World Travel® Agent to arrange this tour, or for information about any of the other tours at Walt Disney World® Resort.




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