The Amazing Shows of SeaWorld® Orlando!

by Feb 13, 2019


SeaWorld® Orlando offers so much for its visitors! There are exhilarating upside-down roller coasters, interactive animal feedings and experiences, and encouraging evidence of the success of the Rescue, Rehabilitation, & Return program. In addition, one of the most exciting ways to spend your day is enjoying the various daily animal shows.



Currently, as 2019 begins, there are four main animal shows that are available to watch in the park. They are presented at different times during the day and all are included as part of your park ticket. The times and number of showings are not the same each day. It’s a bit tricky to see all of the shows in one day, so spreading them out over 2 days or more is highly suggested. To get the most up to date showtimes, availability, and locations, be sure to download the SeaWorld® Discovery Guide App (available for iOs and Android) and check out a daily map available near the park entrance.



Pets Ahoy – located in Seaport Theater

Time to take a break and enjoy the tricks and antics of our favorite household pets. Set on a boardwalk and beach near the Seaside Animal Clinic, follow along and laugh with the story of animal friends as they enjoy a day together. The brightly colored buildings, animals scattering all around, oceanside music, and fun hosts keep you entertained during the entire performance. Highlights include cats walking the tightropes, dogs jumping rope, and ducks waddling across the stage!  Some other helpful information:   

    • Smallest show theater, get there early!
    • Completely inside with air conditioning!
    • No water involved! Do not get wet at all.
    • Best seating is in the middle of the arena, 5 rows up and higher.
    • Variety of animals performing fun interactions, tricks, and acrobatics – cats, dogs, birds, rodents, and even a pig.
    • Most of the animal performers are rescued from various shelters throughout the local area.
    • No food or drink allowed in the theater.
    • The show is about 25 minutes long.
    • When the show is over, be sure to stay awhile for a chance to meet a few of the animal actors.




Dolphin Days – located in Dolphin Theater

One of the most beloved marine animals is the bottlenose dolphin. The fabulous Dolphin Days animal show does not disappoint its audience.  The show is a fun, interactive, and educational performance showcasing these intelligent mammals. From start to finish, the numerous dolphins and trainers present an exciting display of flips, splashes, synchronized acrobatics, and talented body movements set to catchy music. The trainers do a great job explaining the training process, stories and personalities of the dolphins, and a day in the life as dolphin at SeaWorld® Orlando. A crowd favorite is when a waving trainer is pushed underwater by two dolphins as they spin around together passed the glass windows. During the show be sure to be on the lookout for some special feathered guests to drop by to show off their flying moves. A lucky audience member often has a chance to participate in the action to help with showing off some moves. If you are looking for an energetic and informational animal show, be sure to check out Dolphin Days! Some other helpful information:   

    • Located in an outdoor large theater with a covered top.
    • Offers a Soak Zone seating area – with moderate splashes.
    • Trainers are in the water with dolphins during some of the tricks and activities.  
    • Great tricks and educational information about the Atlantic bottlenose dolphin.
    • For a great view of the entire show, sit in the middle above the Soak Zone.
    • Food and drink are allowed in the stadium.
    • Separate behind the scenes tours are available (Dolphins Up-Close Tour & Dolphin Animal Encounter) for an additional fee.
    • The show is about 30 minutes long.
    • When the show is over, be sure to walk around the stadium and check out Dolphin Cove® to view the dolphins above and below the water in the interactive dolphin pool.




Clyde and Seamore’s Sea Lion High – located in Sea Lion and Otter Stadium

Are you ready to relive your high school days of classes, teachers, friends, and antics? Join Seamore (Class Genius) and Clyde (Captain of the Swim Team) as they are awarded Academic and Athletic Scholarships to Ocean University. However before they are able to earn their diploma, the duo must first earn missed credits before graduating. Throughout the show, challenges in the subjects of science, gym, drama, and dance are completed to display the talents of these hilarious friends. From reenacting movie scenes to science experiments, this animal show will keep you entertained and laughing as you anticipate graduation! Be on the lookout for big splashes, air cannons, and special animal guests! Some other helpful information:   

    • Located in a medium-size theater with a covered top.
    • A time to celebrate education, teachers, and fun!
    • There are seats with blocked views, be sure to get there early to avoid this seating area.
    • Offers a Soak Zone seating area – with maximum splashes.
    • The show stars two sea lions and their special guests.
    • Food and drink are allowed in the stadium.
    • Trainers are in the water with the animals during some of the tricks and activities.
    • The show is about 30 minutes long.
    • Currently undergoing enhancements to add increased fun and entertainment to the show!
    • Sea Lions Up-Close Tour and the Walrus Up-Close Tour are available in the Pacific Point Preserve for an additional fee to meet Clyde and Seamore’s friends.



One Ocean – located in Shamu Stadium

When most people envision SeaWorld® Orlando, a picture of the beautiful black and white killer whales pop in their heads. These sleek, giant, and magnificent mammals create an enchanting feeling throughout the audience as they experience the One Ocean show. It starts with the setting as Shamu Stadium is located in the back corner of the park overlooking SeaWorld® Orlando. The seats fill up fast as everyone is excited to watch the animals glide through the water, dive deep, and jump out of the water. Paired with captivating music, a large video screen plays images of different landscapes and water features. The show’s focus is on the Earth and the connection between animals and humans. Guests leave this show feeling encouraged, satisfied, and impressed with the athleticism and intelligence of this graceful animal and trainer interaction. Some other helpful information:   

    • Located in the largest theater with a covered top.
    • Featuring the amazing killer whales and is known widely as SeaWorld® Orlando’s signature show.
    • Offers a Soak Zone seating area – with maximum splashes.
    • The best seats are located in the very middle of the stadium above the Soak Zone seating.
    • Food and drink are allowed in the stadium.
    • Trainers do not get in the water with the animals, however, do touch and have active interactions.
    • We suggest that you see the show later in evening/night for a more spectacular feeling as the sky gets darker.
    • The show is about 35 minutes long.
    • Killer Whale Up-Close Tour and Up-Close Dining at Shamu Stadium are available for an additional fee to further enhance your experience.


Photo’s Courtesy of Brianda Rowe, Key to the World Travel


Each of the show locations (with the exception of Pets Ahoy) offer a Soak Zone seating area. Not only are there multiple visual signs, but the SeaWorld® Orlando Ambassadors also give a verbal heads up several times before the show starts about the area and liquid consequences. Soak Zone is not a suggestion – it is a reality. If you are seated in this area, then you will get wet! Be sure to bring a poncho, extra clothes, or plan on walking around wet. It is a fabulous way to see the show, as long as you are ready to get wet!  Keep your phones, souvenirs, and food in a safe/dry place. 



I suggest getting to shows 20-30 minutes early to get a good seat depending on the time of year. If you stay at participating SeaWorld® Orlando partner hotels, then you will be eligible for Reserved Seating. Although none of the Reserved Seating is located in the Soak Zone, they are fabulous seats. Just show the Ambassador your given card from the hotel and they will escort you the Reserved Seating section. The Reserved Seating section remains open only to those with cards. Another way to enjoy the Reserved Seating option is to purchase the Signature Seating add-on to your ticket package. Current prices start at $30 per person per day and include Reserved Seating and the Quick Queue Unlimited Option. In addition, all shows offer specialized seating for guests in wheelchairs or those needing physical assistance. Be sure to follow signage for specific locations of seating.



Next time you are visiting SeaWorld® Orlando, be sure to check out all of these exciting and entertaining animal shows. Be sure to check out any other seasonal events, animal encounters, tours, and specialty shows including Ocean Discovery (killer whale educational show, 30 minutes), scheduled Trainer Talks, special events and speakers such as Guy Harvey and Jack Hanna, and Holiday festivities, festivals, and concerts. There is something for everyone to enjoy at Sea®World Orlando!!




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