Five Reasons to Cruise with Disney in 2018

by Nov 12, 2017

There are many cruise lines to choose from when planning your next adventure…but there is something truly special about a vacation with Disney Cruise Line. Here are a few of our favorite reasons why you should sail with Disney Cruise Line in 2018!
Quality over quantity
Disney currently has four ships, with three new ships on the way within the next several years! They may only have four ships but that doesn’t stop them from sparing no expense on the experience…each ship is beautifully themed yet individual, all similarly stylish and classy. Dramatic lighting and lavish decor greet you as you board the ship and heavenly plush (and themed) carpets line every hallway as you make your way to your room. Staterooms are nautically themed and Disney Cruise Line has taken great care to get every detail perfect for the traveling family of any size (depending on your family size you might need connecting rooms, but with so many connecting rooms on their ships they make it so easy!) Around every corner you will find a new adventure waiting, take the opportunity to explore these true beauties of the seas, there are no other ships quite like the unique offerings of Disney Cruise Line.
Exciting and unique itineraries
Every year Disney Cruise Line always has a surprise up their sleeves with the itineraries that they announce! Starting in 2018 Disney Cruise Line will be venturing to two brand new ports: Bermuda and Quebec City, Canada. These new ports are in addition to their popular destinations such as the Bahamas, Caribbean, Europe, Mexico, and Alaska! They are also continuing to offer the popular Marvel Day at Sea and Star Wars Day at Sea events, with itineraries like these they truly have something for every member of the family! Cruises in 2018 leave from ports in Florida, California, New York, Texas, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Europe so cruisers from all over the globe can get in on the fun!
I would be remiss if I didn’t take a moment to mention Disney Castaway Cay, the exclusive private island that Bahamian and Caribbean itineraries may stop at on your voyage! Disney Castaway Cay is a dreamy tropical paradise located in the Bahamas, featuring many activities such as snorkeling, water sports, children’s play area, character meet and greets, and tons of beautiful sandy beaches ready for your family to play and relax!
Disney showmanship on the high seas
As you have come to expect from your experiences with Disney, you know that they go above and beyond with their entertainment offerings! Starting with the live music in the atrium (that even the characters come dance along to from time to time) to the world-class stage shows based on Disney movies, you’ll wonder how they packed so much fun onto one cruise ship!
The nightly stage shows in the Walt Disney Theatre are brought to life by a talented cast of artists who truly love sharing their passion for all things Disney with the crowd. You’ll find yourself laughing and cheering along in no time flat, eager for the villain to get what’s coming to them, and to see the hero save the day! Of course, shows differ by cruise ship and itinerary, to ensure there is always something new and different!
And what would a Disney Cruise Line vacation be without fireworks? Not to be outdone by their mainland counterparts, many Disney Cruise Line itineraries set aside a night of exciting entertainment ending with a signature fireworks display!
An experience for every member of the family!
If I had a dollar for every time we heard a kid begging their parents to let them go back to playing in the kid’s clubs we’d be able to live on the Disney Fantasy more or less permanently. The cast of each club eagerly engages each and every child personally, priding themselves on building a rapport with your youngster, and building a truly special experience just for them. Whether its singing a-long with Woody’s Roundup (in the youth club), playing video games with friends (in the tween club), of relaxing in their private getaway (in the teen club), the activities perfectly target the interests of each age bracket, and bring second to none attention to the experience of children under their care. The pool area also reflects this dedication to the whole family, with water attractions for all ages which vary from ship to ship!
Of course, their offerings for adults are just as fun, albeit less structured! Each ship has their own nightlife area with an eclectic offering of clubs, pubs, and entertainment! Each location is more than just a place to have a few drinks they also host events like dance class, trivia, and bingo! Don’t forget to visit the adult only pool area, this area not only has pools and other water features but also features bars and pool side service,  as well as lots of quiet places to get away from it all! All ships feature a world class spa experience with all the amenities you expect at home and more (including a teens only spa!)
Did I forget to mention, IT’S DISNEY?
Beyond itineraries, fine dining, and activities, you are still aboard a Disney ship, and its subtly soaked into the atmosphere of the entire ship. From the recognizable music over head (that you can’t help but sing along with), to the small details in the pillows, dinnerware, and carpets, it is the small things that make a huge difference! But let’s also not forget about the crew members who work so hard every day to ensure that your stay aboard their ships are truly special. Crew members are known for their dedication to service and go out of their way to get to know your family to take excellent care of you! Disney takes every opportunity to weave their magic into the very being of the ship, and for the duration of your stay you truly will feel at home aboard Disney Cruise Line!

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Emily Baumann

Emily Baumann

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