Eating Healthy at the Walt Disney World® Resort

by Aug 29, 2017

It’s vacation and you’re going to the Walt Disney World® Resort!! I am the first person to say “Hey, I am eating anything I want! Calories don’t count at Disney, right?” But, if you are looking to not completely take a vacation from healthy choices, here are some tips that may help.

The Walt Disney World® Resort has so many options that can keep you from bringing home some unwanted souvenirs…like a few extra pounds. But first, you should do a little preparation before even leaving home. Making good choices is easier if you plan ahead.

  • Have an itinerary of which parks you will be visiting on each day so that you can have a restaurant agenda ahead of time. Looking ahead and choosing your quick service restaurants can save you a lot of headaches and time when you are hungry. This way you know that although there might not be many healthy choices at Magic Kingdom’s Casey’s Corner, a great alternative is Columbia Harbor House where you can get salmon and steamed broccoli or a tuna sandwich on multi-grain bread.
  • Make Advanced Dining Reservations. Your Key to the World Travel® agent will help you with these, as well as go over healthier options if you wish.
  • Walt Disney World® is great working with guests to meet their dietary needs. All Disney restaurants can accommodate special needs or requests. You can note on your reservations any allergies or special requests for food preparation. Don’t hesitate to ask for special preparation such as sauces/dressings on the side or have foods cooked in lighter oils rather than butter. Choose restaurants that will offer fresh, seasonal produce – like The Wave…of American Flavors at Disney’s Contemporary® Resort or Garden Grill at Epcot®.
  • Bring a few things from home to carry with you in the parks: dried fruit or packages of nuts, healthy snack bars – something to grab when you can’t find anything but junk and you’ll save money.
  • Order some groceries from a grocery delivery service. They will shop for you and deliver to your resort for a small fee. This way you can start your day off right with breakfast in your room.

There are tons of healthy snack options to find at the Walt Disney World® Resort to help you keep your energy up, while not packing on the calories.

  • Liberty Square Market at Magic Kingdom® offers sweet and regular baked potatoes and there is fresh fruit available at many kiosks throughout the theme parks.
  • A Dole Whip is a great low fat, gluten free treat. Yum!!
  • Allergy kiosks have been set up that have healthy choices, as well as being helpful for people with special dietary restrictions.

When it comes time to sit down to eat, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Portions are large at the Walt Disney World® Resort. Share meals with another person in your party or ask for a “to-go” container. That one meal has now become two, which can save you calories and money.
  • There are healthier options for kids’ meals with sides of fruits like grapes, carrots or apple slices, and bottled water or 1% milk to drink.

Here are some additional tips and tricks to keep in mind:

  • At breakfast buffets: go for the oatmeal, smoked salmon, fresh fruit or scrambled eggs and skip the bacon, sausage or waffles.
  • Pass on those white rolls that are always placed on the table at dinner.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for substitutions: swap fries for veggies or ask for fruit option for dessert.
  • Get a bottle of water instead of a fountain drink with your meal. It will keep you hydrated and save you calories.
  • Choose a hearty salad instead of sandwich and fries.

These are just a few tips that can make your visit to the Walt Disney World® Resort a healthier one. But don’t forget to splurge a little!  I love cupcakes and make sure I have a couple every visit. Choose a few special treats or foods to have along the way and leave room for one or two unexpected splurges. After all, you are still on vacation!




Tiffany Harmon

Tiffany Harmon

Senior Travel Planner

Tiffany is a senior travel planner with Key to the World Travel. Contact her today using the links below to plan your next vacation!

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