Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort- Moana Themed Rooms

by Jul 20, 2021

Yesterday marked the official opening of the newly renovated rooms at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. We were lucky enough to score a room reservation for the first night in the new rooms, and we were not let down! These rooms are exactly what you would expect from a Deluxe Resort category. Plush bedding, gorgeous accents, and immersive theming.  Take a look as we take you on a tour of our room!

The hallway leading to our room has also been reimagined to totally bring the “Moana” vibe to life. The carpets have intricate Polynesian patterns that look like the sails of the ships in Moana, and even the lamps on the walls pay homage to Maui’s arm tattoos.


But, the real magic happens when you open the door to your room… When you first walk in you are greeted by beautiful colors and exquisite cabinetry. To the right is a closet and storage space with a wall tribute to Hei Hei, Moana’s rooster BFF! There is also a Keurig, a drawer with coffee supplies, and a hidden mini-fridge.

There is also a ton of storage and extra pillows in the cubbies. Directly across from the closets is the bathroom. While they are not overly Moana-themed, they are still incredibly decorated to keep the Polynesian flow going throughout the whole room. Even the shower tile has a print that has light floral and Polynesian tattoos.


Now, take a look at the inside of the room! On the right of the room, you see a mural that is based on Maui’s tattoos that continually change throughout the film. There are also subtle nods to the film in the pillows, lamps, and decor around the room.

We also had an incredible view of Bay Lake!

These newly renovated rooms are available for booking! If you want to stay in a Moana-themed room without sailing to the end of the ocean, these are exactly for you. Our friends over at Key to the World Travel know just how far you’ll go to get your hands on one of these rooms and can help you plan your perfect Poly getaway today!


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