Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge Room Refurbishment

by Sep 17, 2019

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge is a Deluxe Resort located in the Animal Kingdom Resort Area.  With so much to see and do – from animals on the savannah to amazing pools and play areas, including Simba’s Cub House – it is the perfect home for those traveling both with and without children! There are a multitude of activities and restaurants here that guests could have a great time for days without leaving the grounds of the resort.



The resort is currently undergoing some room renovations, and I recently had the opportunity to stay at this resort with my family during vacation.  I was assigned a room in the Giraffe Trail which was not one of the refurbished rooms. The room was a bit tight to navigate with 2 adults, 2 children, a double stroller, and an ECV.  Another common complaint about the rooms and hallways is the fact that they seem so dark. 

I had the opportunity to tour one of Disney’s Animal Kindom Lodge’s refurbished rooms and I must say that they are amazing! 



The scope of the work that was completed to these includes:

  • The carpet was removed and replaced with laminate wood flooring.
  • The replacement of coffee makers with Keurig coffee makers.
  • New Smart TVs which are the same that can be found in the new Gran Destino Tower rooms at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. 
  • A barn door addition to the bathroom area which allows guests to separate the sink area from the rest of the room.  (NOTE: These are slam proof so those with little ones don’t have to worry about the kids slamming doors!)
  • The addition of reading lights on the beds.
  • The removal of the ceiling fans.
  • The closest has been replaced with a closet bureau which is also slam proof.
  • The small safe that was locked using a key has been replaced with a much larger electronic safe.
  • The attached shower head has been replaced with a combo attached and detachable shower head in the shower/ tub.  This is especially great when traveling with little ones!
  • The table in the room has been replaced with a smaller table which allows guests to have more room to move around.
  • The balconies were painted. 

It should also be noted that some updates have been made to align the resort with their Environmental Stewardship mission as well.  The lights in the room will automatically turn off if they are left on for too long. The air conditioning will also automatically turn off if there is no movement for a certain amount of time.  Those who like it to be cold when they sleep should not be disappointed with this update as the rooms will not become stifling hot! The temperature of the room will not go above 72 degrees Fahrenheit. 



Speaking of the lights, the lighting fixtures were replaced with brighter lights.  The difference in brightness between the original room and the refurbished room was like night and day.  The light fixtures in hallways were also replaced and gave the resort a brighter appearance.



Although the room that I was able to tour had a shower/tub combo, I was told that the majority of the rooms had showers.  I would highly recommend requesting a room with a tub if a tub is needed! Requests are not guaranteed; however, the resort does everything they can to accommodate them.




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