Disney World Deluxe Hotel- Podcast Episode

by Mar 13, 2023

Disney World and Beyond with The Gold Key Adventurers Society is a weekly podcast hosted by veteran travel planners from Key to the World Travel. Each week, they get together to discuss the latest news in the worlds of theme parks and travel, plus have some fun and lighthearted discussion about their favorite topics- exploring the world, thrilling and delicious adventures, and of course, Disney. We hope you enjoy this week’s episode:

Walt Disney World's Polynesian Village Resort, a Disney World Deluxe Hotel

Disney World Deluxe Hotel, But “Plus” It

“Plussing” is a term used by Walt Disney Imagineering dating back to Walt Disney and productions meetings at the movie studios. Plussing means to make an idea, even an already good one, even better. To add that little touch that elevates the great to iconic status. We want to try to show you how you can plus your Walt Disney World Resort stay no matter what your budget is, so that every vacation feels deluxe. We’re kicking our new series off with a stay in a Disney World Deluxe hotel. Let’s talk about how to take an already premium experience, and make it even more better.

You can find the newest episode here: https://www.goldkeyadventurers.com/wdw-deluxe-resort-plus  

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If you need help planning a stay at a Disney World Deluxe Hotel, Key to the World Travel® has the King Kamehameha Suite at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort  full of expert travel planners, and they’re ready to make your dream trip a reality. For a free, no-obligation quote for your next trip, click here.


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