My Disney Theme Park Reservations Disappeared!

by Jan 26, 2023

disney theme park reservations splash oh no!

So you’ve logged on to My Disney Experience or one of the Disney Parks apps and discovered, to your horror, that your precious theme park reservations have disappeared! Unfortunately, this happens occasionally. Disney is a huge company, with lots of technology to keep working. Issues with the theme park apps are known to arise. Fortunately, lost theme park reservations are easy to recover, You’ll be back to making memories in no time!

Recovering Disney theme park reservations Step 1:DON’T PANIC!

Don't Panic when your Disney theme park reservations disappear

Remember, these things happen. And the reservations aren’t gone for good. So take a deep breath, slow your heart rate, and when your chi is centered and chakras are in alignment, move on to Step 2.

 Step 2: Who ya gonna call?

Call ghostbusters

Here’s a hint- Egon and the rest of the crew can’t help you. Look around, and figure out where you are. Are you safe at home, pre-vacation? Are you in your resort hotel, prepping for a big day in the parks tomorrow? Or have you already arrived at a theme park, only to find out you don’t have a reservation to get in? Once you know where you are, refer back to Step 1, then move on to Step 3!

Recovering your Disney theme park reservations Step 3: Take action!

If you haven’t left for your trip yet, contact your Key to the World Travel advisor and let them know you noticed your park reservations have disappeared. It’s possible the reservations will return on their own. Your travel planner has the right contacts to ensure the reservations return. Sit back, and let them do the work.

If you’re at your resort hotel, the quickest and easiest solution will be to head down the lobby. Cast Members at the check in desk can help you. As a last resort, you can contact your travel advisor. However, once you’re on Disney property, Disney Cast Members have the tools needed to help you out, and should be your first resource for technical issues.

If you’ve arrived at the theme park gates and discover your passes are missing, Cast Members are still your first resource. Often there are Cast Members with iPads available nearby to help you immediately. Alternatively, a Cast Member may direct you to the Guest Services location near the gates for help. Again, when it comes to technical issues with Disney’s apps or website, their own Cast Members are best equipped to help out.

PRO TIP! Once you’ve made your park reservations, take screen shots of them. Make sure you can find them easily in your camera roll or email.  This can be helpful for a Cast Member trying to restore them if they do disappear.

Want to make sure you have the best help possible when planning your next Disney Parks vacation?

When you work with a travel advisor from Key to the World Travel, you have someone to make sure all the details are covered. Their services cost nothing extra. Working with a travel planner means you always have someone on your side to help when your theme park reservations disappear.  Contact your Key to the World Travel® advisor for your next trip, or send us a quote request to get started.



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