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by Sep 24, 2019

You have just had a fabulous time on your Disney Cruise Line® cruise, and now sadly it is time to say goodbye. You will be heading off the ship to Port Canaveral for the final time in the morning, and soon thereafter a whole new set of Guests will set sail. In order to get the ship turned around, and ready to head out, Disney Cruise Line has put some procedures in place to make it smooth for everyone. Here is a quick overview of some important debarkation procedures.




Express Walk-Off


For Guests who wish to debark the ship early to make the most of their day, or catch an early flight, there is an option for you. Once the ship has been cleared by local authorities, you can walk off the ship with your own luggage and head directly to passport control. Please note that with this option you do not need to wait for your luggage inside the terminal building, but there will also be no assistance provided by the onboard crew or shoreside representatives. If you choose to take this option, you should meet in the Lobby Atrium of the ship by 7 am with all of your luggage, and wait for instructions.






For all other guests, you may put your luggage outside your stateroom the night before you debark, and then pick it up in the terminal. Character colored luggage tags will be provided to you by your room steward. These should be filled out with your name, stateroom, address, and the number of bags. Bags need to be outside your stateroom between 8:30 and 10:30 pm, or you will need to be hand-carried in the morning.

You will not have access to your luggage once you place it outside, so be sure to keep valuables, medicines, electronics, keys, your passport/birth certificate, cash, and Key to the World card in your day bag. You will also want to keep any items you need for the morning (toothbrush, combs, change of clothes, etc) as well.

Your luggage will be placed in colored zones, according to your stateroom number, for easy recognition in the port terminal. Porters will be available to assist you as you pass through U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Please keep in mind that the porters are employed by an independent company, so it is customary to provide a gratuity in recognition of their service.


U.S. Customs and Border Protection


After collecting your luggage, all Guests (both U.S. and non-U.S. citizens) in your party will need to present themselves for inspection with U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Guests are required to have proof of citizenship in hand. To expedite this process, please have the head of the household present all documentation together to the officer. Non-U.S. Guests entering on the Visa Waiver Program must present their passports and the ESTA approval form. Non-U.S. Guests with Travel Visas must present their passports and travel documents. 

Guests only need to complete a U.S. Customs Declaration Form if they have something to declare. They are available in multiple languages at the Guest Services Desk onboard the ship. Completed Customs Declaration Forms must be presented together with citizenship documentation to the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Officer.

Here are the customs rules. For specific questions, please go to the Guest Relations desk onboard the ship.

  • Total Duty-Free Allowance per person is $800. Your total purchases in ports of call or on the ship may be combined in any way to make up the $800 limit per person.
  • Total Liquor Allowance per person over the age of 21 is one liter.
  • Tobacco Allowance per person over the age of 18 is one carton (200 cigarettes) and 100 cigars
  • Currency or monetary instruments over $10,000 U.S. or foreign equivalent.
  • In accordance with Federal Law, NO fruits, foodstuffs or plant materials may be brought back into the United States. Heavy fines may be imposed on Guests found with these items. Green Palm handicrafts are discouraged for possible red mite infestation.





Breakfast will be served in the same restaurant where you were scheduled to dine on the last evening of your cruise, and according to your dining time. Guests on First Seating will eat at 6:45 am, Second Seating at 8:00 am. Please be prompt! Cabanas will also be open for breakfast. Cove Cafe will have limited hours for specialty coffees as well. There will be no room service available on debarkation morning. Please be sure to remember to bring your day bag (and any other luggage) with you to the restaurant, as you will be asked to debark the ship following breakfast


Before You Leave


There are several things you will want to take care of before leaving the ship.

  • Ensure your stateroom safe is left open when you leave your stateroom. All Guests must vacate their room by 8:00 am and debark the ship by 9:15 am.
  • If you placed a credit card on your account, there is no need to visit Guest Services, as your account will automatically be charged. However, if you are on a cash account, or wish to use an alternate form of payment, please settle your account prior to 7 am on debarkation day. A copy of your shipboard account will be delivered to your stateroom by 7 am.
  • If you wish to return your Oceaneer Band, please visit Disney’s Oceaneer Club or Disney’s Oceaneer Lab before 11 pm on the final night of your cruise to receive credit. You may also choose to keep your Oceaneer band as a souvenir.
  • Shutters Photo Gallary will be open from 7 am – 9 am on debark morning, for photo and USB sales only. All other merchandise shops will be closed.
  • All lost and found items can be found at the Guest Services Desk. 
  • Guests who purchased alcohol in the shipboard Duty-Free Shop or had alcohol collected at any of the ports, may retrieve these items at the desk located near the gangway between 7 am and 9:15 am.
  • Remember to deposit your comment card in the boxes provided outside each restaurant and by the gangway. 






Continuous bus transfers to Orlando International Airport (MCO) will be available upon arrival in Port Canaveral for all Guests who have purchased air or ground transfers through Disney Cruise Line®. You will need to claim your luggage in the terminal, proceed through U.S. Customs and Border Patrol after which time you and your luggage will board the same bus back to Orlando International Airport. Airline check-in will be done at the airport, and you will need to present your Key to the World Card to board the bus. If you are participating in the Onboard Airline Check-in program, please follow the instructions provided with your boarding pass information packet that will be delivered to your stateroom. If you have a flight scheduled prior to 1:00 pm, you must debark the ship no later than 8:00 am.

Guests continuing their vacation with transfers to the Walt Disney World® Resort hotels should disembark the ship no later than 8:15 am. The motorcoach departs promptly at 9:00 am.

Guests who parked at the port, at local parking garages, or are being picked up by private driver should follow the signs upon exiting the terminal.

Have a safe journey home!




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