Best Alternatives to Autograph Books

by May 28, 2019

Collecting autographs from characters at Walt Disney World® Resort is one of my favorite things to do, besides meeting the characters themselves, of course! It’s a fun way to interact with the characters, and you end up with a great keepsake to bring home. The most common item guests get autographed are autograph books. While I love the autograph books (especially those that you can add photos to), they can get lost in the shuffle when you get home. I wanted to find some items that I can proudly display in my home or use regularly, so I can feel that Disney magic at home!



So, what else can you get autographed? Surprisingly, pretty much anything! Characters will not autograph your body or anything that you’re wearing (you can get a shirt autographed but you cannot be wearing it while they sign it). Anything else is pretty much okay! Here are a few things that the characters signed for my family:


Wooden letters


Wooden letters are easy to carry through the park and fit perfectly in a backpack or similar bag. Another positive, they’re not expensive! After I purchased mine, I spray painted them and then put sealer on top so the marker the characters used wouldn’t come off. I found this to work out perfectly. We chose to do a white background for our letters, but you could easily choose another color, just make sure it’s light enough that the autographs will show. We got two letters; a Z for my son and an E for my nephew. My son truly loved getting the characters to sign his Z, and he was so proud to hang it in his room when we came home. He enjoys telling me about the characters who signed his Z! My nephew is 1 so he didn’t really notice the characters signing because he was to busy hugging them, but it’ll be a great keepsake for him either way!



Photo Mat


Another item we decided on was a photo mat. This is more a family item for us. Of course, our son is the love of our life so it has his picture in it! We got a white mat meant for autographs in an 11×14 size with a picture opening of 5×7. Although it’s a little larger to carry around, it allows for more characters to sign and a bigger picture when you get home, making it a wonderful memory on a wall for you to view at any time!



A tumbler


This was my present to myself! I had this tumbler custom made for me by someone who lives locally. Upon returning home, I had the person who made it for me put a sealing coat over the tumbler so the autographs wouldn’t wash off. This item is so near and dear to my heart, and I use it every day! This is certainly my favorite cup to wake up to!



There are so many other things you could have characters sign. T-shirts, pillowcases, maps, coffee mugs, blankets, quilts, birthday cards, ornaments, the possibilities are endless! I do recommend bringing a good pen with you (we used standard sharpies for ours), and make sure if you do something softer, such as a t-shirt,!that you use a clipboard so it’s easy for the characters to sign. Also, please remember that not all characters sign autographs and some use stamps instead of signing by hand. No matter what you choose to have the characters autograph, I’m sure it’ll be absolutely perfect and an amazing memory for your family!





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