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by May 21, 2024

You may look at my Instagram or TikTok accounts and think that my passion is traveling the world in style, and while I do enjoy doing that, my real passion is planning those same bucket list trips and vacations for others! The best feeling is when a client tells me how much they enjoyed their vacation and how my personal recommendations and experiences made it even better for them!

Finding Key to the World Travel

I decided to become a travel advisor based on the advice of some friends. Like many of us in this industry, I had been helping my neighbors, members of the church, and other friends to plan their vacations. I have so much valuable knowledge to share of the places I have been to, and everyone was asking me for free advice! If I’ve been there, I want to make sure you know where to eat, the best place to get a cappuccino, and where the best photo spots are. I was a stay at home mom and wasn’t planning to go back to work full time, but here I am loving every minute of it!

I was in your shoes, researching travel agencies, trying to figure out which one was a great fit for me, and how I could make it in a new industry with no real, tangible experience as a travel advisor. I remember my interview like it was yesterday, and not 7 years ago. Chad LaPoint, our Vice President of Training and Agent Support, asked me why I wanted this job. The answer was simple, I just want to help people to have the best vacation possible!

Sharing my expertise as a travel advisor

You see, I have traveled my whole life and have experiences like missing flights, unknowingly getting caught in timeshare presentations, being charged hundreds of dollars for fake rental car insurance, getting caught in a hurricane while on a cruise, and booking questionable vacations through some shady websites. These are the kinds of experiences I want to help my clients, my friends, and my family to avoid!

What makes Key to the World Travel so special?

travel advisors for Key to the World Travel posed in front of the Millennium Falcon at Walt Disney World

Our travel advisors really are the best in the industry. Everyone comes in with their own set of skills and their own set of experiences. Working together as a team we can help make everyone clients to have the best vacation they possibly have!

Industry leading onboarding and training process

From day one we immerse our new travel advisors in to Key to the World Travel’s award-winning Agent Academy, which is one of the best onboarding programs in the industry that has been routinely recognized by the Magellan Awards for training excellence. We pair each new advisor with an experienced mentor who walks them through the process of booking cruises and all inclusive resorts, how to recommend travel insurance, social media strategies for growing your business, and so much more!

Continuing education, and opportunities to experience destinations firsthand

Once our travel advisors graduate they have access to a whole host of continuing education programs – at no extra cost. We have internal masterclasses, exclusive webinars with our vendors, an extensive resource library, a specialist certification program, all available at no cost to our advisors. In addition, we offer in person training opportunities at various locations throughout the world, and company conferences throughout the year!

Key to the World Travel continues to pour themselves into each and every travel advisor so that you can take your travel experiences and build from there to make your client’s vacations the best they can be! Our goal is to have the best trained travel advisors with the highest level of support in the industry.

If you love traveling and want to share that passion with others, then becoming a Key to the World Travel Advisor may be the perfect fit for you!

-by Leah Ferguson, Educational Development Director

Would you like to learn more about becoming a travel advisor with us?

If you love exploring the world, want to share your travel experiences with others, and are a detail oriented, motivated self-starter, a job planning vacations with Key to the World Travel might be perfect for you! Click this link to learn more about what the job entails, qualifications, and to fill out an application to start your journey to become a Key to the World Travel advisor today!

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