What’s in the bag!? Trying to find the perfect bag for your Disney vacation can be a fun part of the planning process. Finding the best bag for you depends on the size of your traveling party and how light (or heavy) you like to travel! Take a look at 5 bags used by Key To The World Travel® Agents. We will show you our favorites as well as what we pack inside! Take a look!    


Disney Vera Mini Backpack



AGENT NAME: Theresa Perry

YOUR FAVORITE PARK BAG: Disney Vera Mini Backpack

PRICE: $30-$80 (I found mine on eBay for about $30. The outlets are another great place to find them at a lower price.)

WHO WOULD YOU RECOMMEND THIS BAG FOR? Adults with no children or older children or for tweens, teens and young adults.

WHY DO YOU LOVE THIS BAG? It’s the perfect size–not too small and not too big! It’s lightweight and comfortable. Due to back issues, I need the weight of a bag evenly distributed and this accomplishes that without being bulky. It fits everything I need with some space left over for park maps, small souvenirs, snacks, water bottle. The front pocket with easy flap makes it easy to access my iPhone. The back zipped pocket is perfect for park maps and times guides. It fits easily under my poncho in the rain and it fits on rides well.  Did i mention it is washable?! On top of all that, it comes in adorable, fun patterns including all of the gorgeous Disney patterns!

WHAT’S INSIDE YOUR BAG and WHY?  The best thing I ever added to my bag was clear zipper pouches, and security has been much smoother since. I use the clear pouches to make it easy to find smaller items such as chapstick, lipstick, band-aids, germ-x, sunscreen, eye drops, medicine, dental floss, hair ties, mints, water flavor packets. I also always carry a small wallet, wipes, tissues, Ziploc bags (for waterproofing of phone, holding pressed pennies, and for leftover snacks), mini m&ms container of change for pressed pennies, tiny notepad and pen for autographs, disposable poncho, handheld battery fan, and an external phone charger.  And reading glasses–sigh. When there is a solid chance of rain I also throw in a compact umbrella. I definitely travel lighter now that my children are older.


S-Zone Baby Diaper Bag/Travel Backpack



AGENT NAME: Leah Ferguson

YOUR FAVORITE PARK BAG: S-Zone Baby Diaper Bag/Travel Backpack

PRICE: $35.99

WHO WOULD YOU RECOMMEND THIS BAG FOR? This bag is great for families of any size or ages. My daughter is 3, and we haven’t really used a diaper bag in almost 2 years, but we like to travel with “stuff” and this bag is awesome for keeping it all organized.

WHY DO YOU LOVE THIS BAG? I first fell in love with the subtle nod to Minnie Mouse with the cute red with white polka dots, but then I was amazed by all of the seven pockets. Yes, this backpack has SEVEN outer pockets!!  The main compartment is like any typical backpack with nice padding on the back and a pocket to keep your laptop or iPad separate from everything else. I like to think I’m a photographer, and haul my camera gear everywhere when I’m on a research trip, making the middle section is perfect for my camera equipment. It’s insulated and is ideal for milk, formula, snacks, or in my case it’s a cool place for my camera body and lenses. My second favorite part is the super clever addition of the side pocket for wipes. It doesn’t matter how old or young our kids are, we always find a need for wipes! It even has these really cool straps that allow you to hang it from your stroller.

WHAT’S INSIDE YOUR BAG and WHY? Traveling with a three-year-old means we always need to have some activities handy. I like to pick up some of these activity packs from the local craft store, and I always pick up a couple of fun games or books when I see them at the Dollar Spot at Target. I like to hit up the stores at the end of the summer and stock up on light up toys and glow sticks for those nights that I want to treat my daughter with something fun but not break the bank. Snacks, snacks, and more snacks! Goldfish, pretzels, Uncrustable sandwiches, milk boxes, and anything else my toddler or husband feel is necessary for in park nourishment. In addition to my camera gear, I always make sure I bring a charging stick and some extra cables for our cell phones and tablets. I have also learned the hard way that we should always bring an extra change of clothing for our daughter. The front pocket on this backpack is waterproof and a great place to put accidentally soiled clothing. We also carry ears, because no Disney related trip is complete without them!


Vera Bradley Mini Hipster Crossbody



Agent Name: Megan Slocum

Your Favorite Park Bag: Vera Bradley Mini Hipster Crossbody

Price: $48

Who Would You Recommend This Bag To: I would recommend this bag for anyone who doesn’t want to bring much into the parks, most likely an adult without kids or with older kids who don’t require a lot of extras.

Why Do You Love This Bag: I love this bag for so many reasons! I love that it’s small so it’s easy to carry around all day. It’s easy to take through security because there’s not a lot to look through. It’s easy to hold on attractions. It’s not heavy, so I don’t mind having it on all day. There are a lot of cute patterns available, sometimes you can even find Disney patterns at the Disney Store. Last, it has a lot of pockets as well as a slot for ID and cards so I don’t need to bring a wallet.

What’s Inside Your Bag and Why: I keep it very minimal in my bag. In the back open pocket I keep my cell phone. In the big zipper pocket I keep my sunglasses and sunscreen (essential for Florida!) as well as my FuelRodTM for recharging my phone. In the small zippered top pocket I keep hand sanitizer. In the inside part under the flap, I keep my ID as well as a credit card and cash. I bring only the essentials!


Baggallini Messenger Bag



Agent Name: Erin Jensen

Your Favorite Park Bag: Baggallini Messenger Bag

Price: $40

Who Would You Recommend This Bag To: This is a great bag for almost anyone! It has pockets for everything but is also lightweight and easy to clean. I use this bag when I travel to the parks alone, as well as when I travel with my family of 5.  I can pack it full of things for my kids or carry just my own things! It is comfortable, adjustable and I can carry it all day. Also on most attractions, it fits next to me or below my legs so I can take it with me on rides.   Best of all it comes in many colors so you can pick the one that suits your personality!

What’s Inside Your Bag and Why: When I travel with my family I carry snacks and additional things they need for a day in the parks but at the very least I always pack Wet wipes, lotion, medicines, a phone battery charger, hairbrush (for those tangles that roller coasters bring on) sunscreen, and sanitizer, lollipops and my trusty poncho to use when it rains or on any ride where I might get wet!  Also as mentioned by other agents I try to pack as many things in clear ziplock bags as I can to get through security faster!


Lug Crossbody 


AGENT NAME: Sarah McCown

YOUR FAVORITE PARK BAG: The lug Crossbody (The model I have is discontinued, but the “Swivel Crossbody Bag” is comparable, or even the “Hopper Hip Pouch.”)

PRICE: $66.00 at www.luglife.com

WHO WOULD YOU RECOMMEND THIS BAG FOR? Women who Plan! Anyone who wants to carry everything they need for a day in the parks!

WHY DO YOU LOVE THIS BAG? It is not only water-repellent, but it holds everything I need without being cumbersome!


The first thing my park bag must have is a pocket for a water bottle – or at least room for one. The next item of great importance is my Band Aid® Anti Friction Stick. Next, you have your vacation basics Chapstick, Off! bug repellent, a small first aid kit (complete with bobby pins and a hair tie), and hand sanitizer. I also make sure to bring a camera and my phone charger. I shrink my wallet for travel, as, since I try to use my MagicBand or pre-paid gift cards when I’m around the parks, so all I use is a coin purse, and a little notebook to keep track of my balances. I’ll also be sure to throw in some defrizzer for my hair, as mine is naturally curly and the Florida heat is brutal on it. With that I’m set for a day in the parks!


Having what you need for your day in the parks can make a big difference in how much you enjoy your day, and having the perfect bag to keep it all organized is even better! We at Key to the World Travel® hope that these ideas help get you started in your search for the perfect park bag! For your perfect vacation planning; however, you don’t need to look any further than your Key to the World Travel® planner!



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