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Tracy Stiers

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The story of my first trip to Disney World is a favorite of my parents’. It starts by showing a photo of baby me in a white dress. My Grandfather insisted I wear that dress so I could get chocolate ice cream all over it before having my first picture with “the Mouse.”

My first photo with Mickey is only one of many fond Disney vacation memories that my family shares. After more than 20 Disney vacations, I started helping other people plan magical getaways. I have planned vacations for families and groups ranging in age from infant to senior citizen and ranging in size from two to fifteen people.

Every vacation that I plan is customized so that the entire party has fun. Knowing that I can help people create lasting memories of happiness is what I love most about my job. Past clients have found that my ability to solve problems on their behalf allows for more fun and less stress throughout the vacation.

My goal is to allow you to create “wow” moments that remain with you and your entire party for years to come.

I have helped many friends, family members, and co-workers create their memorable vacation and I look forward to helping you create yours.

Oh and if your wondering, I didn’t get a drop of chocolate ice cream on my dress. However my Grandfather still made sure that my first picture with Mickey was me in the white dress at 11 months old.