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Sarah Bailey

Travel Advisor
Location Hope, Indiana

About Me

Hi! I’m Sarah Bailey. I’m from a tiny town in Indiana called Hope. I have loved anything and everything Disney since I was little, but Disney World has been my home away from home since I was 11 years old. That’s when the addiction started. Since then, my family has been to Disney World almost every year (sometimes up to 3 times a year). Still to this day, every time I walk down Main Street USA and get a glimpse of Cinderella Castle, I get a little teary. The Disney magic hits me and instantly I’m a little girl again, excited to meet my favorite characters. I want to help other people feel that magic too, which is why I chose to be a travel planner. I want to turn what can be an overwhelming experience into something that is fun and stress-free. I can’t wait to help you plan a magical vacation!