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Rachel Keohane

Travel Advisor
Location Danvers, Massachusetts Blog: tothemouseandback.wordpress.com

About Me

I am Rachel Keohane and I am ready to help you plan the Disney vacation of your dreams. I enjoy many aspects of Disney: Disney & Pixar movies, Walt Disney and the Disney resorts and I LOVE planning trips just as much as I love going on them. Honestly, I will start packing a month in advance, much to my husband’s despair. My family and I have travelled to Disney and Universal Studios since 1989 and we have seen it grow, stretch and change, but the magic, fantasy and adventure has never left this home away from home. In 2009 I have taken over the planning of our many Disney vacations and become the historian, scheduler, planner, and tour guide as we trek around The World.
I have had the pleasure of experiencing Disney with toddlers/infants, while pregnant, adult only trips, with large parties, for special occasions, and with seniors and I can help you on your wonderful adventure. Aside from Disney and Universal Studios experiences I have traveled on multiple cruise liners (Caribbean and Europe), to well known all inclusive resorts, as well as many locales in The United States, Caribbean, and Central America.
“Today’s special moments are tomorrow’s memories”-Genie