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Ken Thompson

Travel Advisor
Location Goshen, Ohio

About Me

Hello! My name is Ken Thompson and I love all things Disney! It started with the classic Disney animated films and a memorable trip to Walt Disney World as a child, and it has grown into a life-long love affair with the company, its people, and their amazing ability to tell stories.

As a parent of two awesome kids who will grow up all too quickly, the time we spend together as a family is supremely important. When we vacation, we want to do memorable things together as a family and that’s exactly what you get when visit a Disney destination. Since our first trip to Walt Disney World as parents, we have been making incredible memories with our children — ones that will last a lifetime.

I became an agent with Key to the World Travel so that I could help you plan and enjoy your own magical vacations. Let me help you make the most out of your Disney getaway. I look forward to hearing from you real soon!