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Keetha Deputy

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Location Gastonia, North Carolina

About Me

My name is Keetha Deputy. I was born in Illinois but I grew up in Charlotte, NC. My family and I currently reside in Gastonia, NC. I am a coupon-er and a frugal shopper. I love deals and I love to stretch my dollars.
I lived in Germany for 3 years as military spouse. Living on a military income, as small as it was, I had to learn to stretch my dollars. I found deals that allowed me and my family to travel. I traveled to Holland, France, Austria, Switzerland and throughout Germany. I loved the exquisite cuisine and the architect in Europe is breathtaking. On a side note, I have a piece of the Berlin Wall. I was living there when it came down.
I’ve had the privilege of raising one daughter and two sons. My Disney fanatic daughter blessed our family with a baby girl in 2013. Bexleigh is my heart and also a Disney lover! I chose to leave my job with the school system in Charlotte after 10 years to stay home with her so her mommy could attend nursing school. Our family has been to Walt Disney World several times. In Dec 2015, through KTTW travel, we booked a 10 day Disney vacation as a gift to ourselves to celebrate Christmas and Bexleigh’s upcoming 3rd birthday! We thoroughly enjoyed our magical stay and did not want to leave. It’s a magical place for us.
I have also been on 2 cruises to the Bahamas and Mexico. I have traveled to many destinations within the US also. I specialize in all things Disney but I can also help book your air flights within a package, a rental car, Amtrak vacations, Cruises and also many more destinations. Do you want a beach house or Mountain cabin? I can help you with that also.
I want to share what all I have learned and experienced with you and to help you get the most excitement and magic for your family. I’ll be honored to handle all of your vacation arrangements and you can sit back and relax. I am here to answer any and all questions you may have and to help make your vacation as magical as possible!.
Contact me now to get started on your dream vacation! Your Key to the World vacation can begin with a simple click on my name!