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Jordan Doss

Travel Advisor
Location Gibsonville, North Carolina

About Me

Hi! I’m a mom from North Carolina, and I am obsessed with giving my children a magical childhood. What better place to do that than Walt Disney World? My parents took my siblings and me for the first time when I was in eighth grade, and I have loved Disney World ever since- my husband and I even got engaged on a trip to Disney World! We took our children for the first time on our son’s fifth birthday, and we have been back every year since!

I became a travel planner who specializes in Disney to help other families make magical memories. As a middle school teacher, I am a pro at meeting the needs of a diverse group, and managing all the millions of little details that make a smooth, happy classroom- and, above all, I love helping people! Let me put my skills to work for you! I promise that my planning expertise will make your trip to Disney your most magical trip ever!