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Jamie Dotson

Travel Advisor
Location Newnan, Georgia

About Me

Growing up watching The Wonderful World of Disney every Sunday night and being able to see all the classics at the theaters such as The Jungle Book triggered a love for Disney stories. I was hooked the moment the castle with the little twinkle of Tinker Bell came across the screen. The magic had me hook, line and sinker and thankfully has never left. It didn’t hurt that I was fortunate enough to have a family that also believed in the magic and took us to that world where all your dreams came true on an annual basis. Those are some of my most special memories. I continue the tradition with my own family now. 
I have three adorable children with a wide age range. I can certainly relate to age appropriate adventures with others. One of my children was extremely sensitive to  stimulation. Luckily he has since grown out of that stage, but it was a real learning lesson. My third is demonstrating the same sensitivity.

I am a former senior agent, stepping down to dedicate more of my time to my clients and my family. 
I was the first agent hired on with the agency, my experience will be a plus!    
I am, what one might call, a Dorky Disney Junkie! I have personally been to Disney World well over 80 times. I have extensive personal experience from multiple trips to Disneyland, Disney’s water parks, Universal Studios, Disney Cruise Lines and Sea World. I have also traveled to Italy, England, Ireland, Germany and many US destinations. One fascinating fact about Disney is one can find many cultures and heritages of other countries displayed within its parks.

I believe in the importance of vacations. Nothing can bond a family better than to create magical memories together lasting a lifetime. From all my own research, firsthand experience and on-line certifications from travel vendors, I can be a great asset in planning an adventure for others. What better way is there to keep the excitement alive then helping others plans their own magical memories?