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Holly Daniel

Travel Advisor
Location Georgetown, Texas

About Me

Hi Ya’ll, I ‘m Holly Daniel and I live in Georgetown, Texas. My love for all things Disney began when I was 10 years old while watching The Little Mermaid on the big screen for the first time – I wanted to be part of that world! Now 30 years later, I have two beautiful daughters (secretly mermaids as well) and a prince of a husband we call G Dub.

Our family’s first venture to visit a Disney park consisted of a Route 66 road trip from Texas to Disneyland in California. The magical memories that we experienced together were worth every mile that we traveled! Disney destinations have been our #vacationgoals ever since. We have loved connecting as a family while visiting Disneyland and Walt Disney World several times and by sailing (did I mention that we love the ocean?) on each of the Disney Cruise Line ships.

As a Travel Planner for Key To The World Travel, I am passionate about Disney destinations and I am inspired to help you plan and discover new places so that you can make your own priceless memories.

As a mermaid at heart, I would love to share my knowledge of Disney and past travel experiences to help you explore the shore – or up above – on your next vacation!