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Heather Mitchell

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Location Kingwood, Texas Website: www.disneytravelcenter.com/ms4e0a94c8/ Website: www.vikingrivercruises.com/myagent/hmitchellkttw/

About Me

Hi, my name is Heather and I live just outside of Houston, Texas! I’m a wife to a wonderful man, and mother of two wonderful kids who love Disney almost as much as I do. The magic of Disney is something that defies explanation. It’s in the goosebumps that pop up when you view the castle for the first time. The twinkle in your child’s eye when they see their favorite character. It is the overwhelming feeling of pure magic when you view the fireworks at the end of the day with those you love. My passion for Disney led me to helping friends and family plan their trips. The next natural step for me was to become a travel planner who specializes in Disney Travel. Sharing the joy of Disney with others is something that truly brings me happiness! I can help you with every aspect of your Disney trip, and may even have a few tips and tricks that will add a little extra pixie dust to your vacation. If you would like to go somewhere other than a Disney destination, I can help you with that also. Contact me today and we will start you on the road to magical memories that will last a lifetime.