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Carolyn Lau

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About Me

Hi! My name is Carolyn and I am a fan of all things Disney travel! My first trip to Disney World was when I was about 5. We started staying on property when I went on a few more Disney World trips throughout middle school and high school. There is definitely something magical about staying at a Disney World resort, you really can’t beat it! Once I was in college, my sister and I would travel at least once or twice a year, we were hooked! I was lucky to find my husband who also enjoys Disney and doesn’t mind going down a few times a year. We were even lucky enough to spend our honeymoon at both Disneyland AND Disney World! I have also grown to love Disneyland since I have been able to travel there a few times in the last five years.
With all of my knowledge of Disney properties, I really enjoy helping my friends and family book their Disney vacations. Then I figured, why not do this for others? So here I am! I can’t wait to help you pick the best resort for your family and give you all of my tips to make your Disney vacation truly magical!