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Becca Chenette

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Location Crafton, Pennsylvania

About Me

The smell of freshly baked cookies as you walk down Main Street USA. The refrain of “When You Wish Upon A Star” filling the night as fireworks light up Cinderella Castle. Cast members greeting you at your Walt Disney Resort with a heartfelt, “Welcome home!” Disney vacations are full of magic at every turn.

My husband and I love to travel everywhere and anywhere, but we always come back to Disney destinations, not only because of the incredible theming, amenities, and fun attractions, but because even when you’re running around a park, there is something inexplicably relaxing about leaving the real world behind for the immersive world of Disney magic.

Watching families create life-long memories together is its own form of magic, and it’s the top reason I became a travel planner specializing in Disney! I’m a proud graduate of the Disney College of Knowledge and with over a dozen experiences at Disney destinations under my belt, I have countless tips and tricks to make your vacation as magical as possible.As a high school and middle school choir director, I work with teenagers and their families on a daily basis, and I can help you find activities that the whole family will enjoy! I can also point you to the best musical experiences at your Disney destination 😉

Everyone deserves a memorable, stress-free vacation, and my goal is to take care of every little detail for you, including custom-made itineraries fit for your traveling personality! Whether you prefer to have every moment scheduled or simply go with the flow, I will do everything possible to make sure that the only thing you need to worry about is remembering to wear sunscreen!