Milford Hutsell


Hello, my name is Milford Hutsell, I live in Noblesville Indiana with my wife Shawn. I was a late bloomer to Disney and didn't actually take my first trip to the world until 1998 when my wife and I decided to take our daughters for the first time. I was 31 years young when I took my first trip. I have loved it ever since, so much that I have become a Travel Agent specializing in Disney Travel. We have now been to the "World" at least 3 dozen times since that trip in 1998 and have many experiences from our trips. My wife and I recently also become Platinum cruisers on Disney Cruise line. I have been on all four ships and look forward to cruising on the inaugural cruises of the two new ships in 2021 and 2023.

I became a Travel agent because I enjoyed helping my friends plan trips to Disney World. I figured my friends love my planning abilities I may as well do this for a living.

Planning my own vacation or someone else’s brings me great joy! There is nothing like that moment when you enter Main Street USA in Magic Kingdom and you just feel all your worries melt away! My goal is to help you and your family have that magical vacation when all your worries just melt away! I look forward to helping you plan your trip!