Katie Garmon


<span>Hello, I’m Katie Garmon. I’m a proud mom, wife and Disney addict! Even though I now live in Greenville, SC, I grew up in Florida and had the opportunity to visit Disney World more times than I can count. My love for Disney can be traced back even further than my earliest memories, there are pictures to prove it!</span>

<span>“We do Disney” is a quote that’s not only on the walls in my house, but a quote my family lives by! I find there’s a Disney song for every situation, and all major life events seems to revolve around Disney in one way or another. My husband proposed at Magic Kingdom during Wishes!, our wedding was Disney themed, our honeymoon was to Disneyland and then a Disney Cruise to Hawaii, we announced our pregnancy at Disney World, and we held our son’s first birthday at Disney World.</span>

<span>Disney holds a very special place in my heart and makes every memory magical! I want to share my knowledge of Disney with you and your family so you too can experience all of the magic Disney has to offer.</span>