Danielle Conroy


Hi! My name is Danielle Conroy. I absolutely love to travel! I am a wife and mom to 3 amazing kids. We love getting out and exploring as much as we can.

One of my favorite places to travel is Walt Disney World. For as along as I can remember I have been going to Disney. Growing up my parents would frequently plan spur of the moment trips to Disney for us. We would then get in the car and drive 16 hours! My love for Disney is one of the many reasons I wanted to become a Vacation Planner. To be able to help others create magical memories that they will remember for a lifetime.

Aside from Disney, I have been to Universal Studios (and many other theme parks), studied abroad in Florence and traveled throughout Europe, gone paragliding and canyoning in Switzerland, seen the Caribbean by both land and sea, and much more.

As a full service travel advisor, I would love to use my passion, attention to detail and travel knowledge to help you plan your next memorable vacation - wherever that may be! I can’t wait to see where you choose!