Have you ever dreamed of being a hero and fighting villains? Do you want to explore the Magic Kingdom® in a whole different way? Do you love FREE Walt Disney World® Souvenirs? (YES! I said Free and Walt Disney World® in the same sentence!!) If you answered “YES” to any of these questions then Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom needs to be on your list of must-dos for your next Walt Disney World® Trip!

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom (SOTMK) is an interactive card game found in Walt Disney World®’s Magic Kingdom and is easy for everyone to play! By discovering Magic portals placed throughout the park by Merlin himself, and using specially created cards adorned with various Disney characters, you can battle the likes of Cruella De Vil, Jafar, Yzma, Scar, Ursula, and Dr. Facilier, and if you are really up for a challenge you will fight the master of the underworld himself: Hades!  


How Do I Get Started?

There are two locations to begin your journey as a sorcerer defending the Magic Kingdom® against evil: one is the Fire Station on Main Street, U.S.A.® and the other is a small window located In Liberty Square. I recommend starting at the Fire Station for your first battle as they will provide you with special training that will equip you for your journey!



Using your MagicBand, a Cast Member to connect you to your journey. Note: you must continue to use this same MagicBand for the duration of your battle. I recommend doing only one battle per family at a time to avoid getting confused and crisscrossing the park too much. You can chose a level of difficulty for your game as well!  

Each member of your party can then scan their MagicBand to get a set of cards. You can get a new set of card everyday for every member of your group, and the cards are ABSOLUTELY FREE (park admission required)! Each pack will come with 5 cards. There are over 130 cards with some being more rare and others more common. Each card features a character with an individualized spell to battle the bad guys! You will also get a map which is vital for your quest!

Your MagicBand will be used to open Magic Portals throughout the park, and the cards will be used to defeat the villains. As you open each Magic Portal the game will be explained to you. It is is easy and fun for the whole family!



Ok! So now you are trained, you have started your battle and you are equipped with cards and a map for your journey…what’s next?


Defending the Magic Kingdom


The battles between good and evil are fought at Magic Portals placed in the park by Merlin to “sense the misdeeds of Villains and defeat any Evildoers” according to the greeting on the map. Each Portal has a designated icon to identify it from the others. When you begin, you will be told a land to start in as well as given your first icon to find. Portals are found on Main Street U.S.A.® and in Frontierland®, Fantasyland®, and Adventureland®. If you have been to the Magic Kingdom® before and have not played SOTMK you have definitely walked past many portals and didn’t even know it!  Now you locate your icon on the map and off you go!

Here is the game map of Adventureland® complete with portal locations and icons.



Once you arrive at your portal you will find a screen which is incorporated into the decor of the location. Some are harder to find than others. If you aren’t sure if you have found it, look for the round metal seal on the ground. These accompany all portals as you are required to stand on them while you batte. There is also a metal reader that looks like a keyhole where you will scan your MagicBand. Hold your band up to the keyhole and wait for the screen to activate. Once it does stand back on the circle and wait for the journey to begin!

When prompted, you will hold up one to six of your cards to cast your spell on the villain presented. If you are successful you will be told which icon to go find next to continue your battle. Beat all of the villains, and you will get to move on to fighting Hades! Defeat Hades and we are all in your debt for keeping the Magic Kingdom safe for another day!



A Few Tips from my 9-year-old son:

  • Use character cards together that are from the same movie for added strength
  • Use the hero card that defeated that villain if you have it
  • Talk to others you see playing the game – they may have cards that you don’t have and you can make a trade
  • Going to a Halloween or Christmas Party? Make sure to stop at the fire station and get your special limited edition party card! These are a hot item in the SOTMK community!

Didn’t get your battle finished?

No problem! Your battle will save to that MagicBand for up to 2 years! Just make sure to contact your Key To The World Travel® agent to get back to the Magic Kingdom® within the next 2 years and bring THAT BAND back with you!  Merlin is counting on you!

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